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    How to Apply Eye Makeup Professionally

    Written by Shopping Video. Posted in Eyebrow tint, How to apply gel liner, Lip primer

    Brow color

    Did you know, according to a 1991 study, female politicians who hired Hollywood makeup artists and photographers were 30% more likely to win elections? Clearly, the way we apply face makeup has a lot to do with our success in the world. It is for this reason that over one-third of us will not leave home unless we are wearing makeup.

    We all want want to look our best, but applying face makeup like a pro is not always easy. We have to match our bronzer makeup to our skin tone. Did you know that light to medium skin is best paired with a yellow-based bronzer instead of an orange-based one? That is just the beginning. Consider that there are three different types of makeup that are called foundation; liquid, cream, and powder.