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    Choosing Sneakers You Can Wear With Suits

    Written by Shopping Video. Posted in Brown brogues, Designer sneaker

    Suede slip on sneakers

    You are the type of man who enjoys his sneakers. You come home from work, throwing your work shoes in the corner and quickly changing into your favorite pair of sneakers. You spend your weekends in your sneakers. You are constantly shopping for keeping your eye out for new types of sneakers that might fit your style. You are the most comfortable in your sneakers and you dread events that do not allow you to wear them, such as weddings, work or other formal type events. What if you had sneakers you can wear with suits?

    Most people do not think that sneakers and suits mix. In fact, 65% of women admit to insisting their man change shoes before going out. They often encourage changing into a type of loafers or dress shoe that is dressier and may match better with the suit that they may also be required