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    Buying Your Wrapping Paper In Bulk Is A Present To Yourself

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    Wholesale christmas wrapping paper

    You already know the scenario. You’ve been through it too many times before. Your child comes to you on a Sunday night and tells you that his friend’s birthday party is tomorrow at school and he needs a present wrapped. After you recover from the initial shock, you do your best to think through what it is you’re going to do.

    Luckily, you have stocked up on a few generic children’s gifts in the upstairs closet, but after you and your son have decided on which Leggo set to gift, you realize that the only wrapping paper you have is Christmas paper. It is covered in Santa, his reindeer, snowmen sledding, and trees decorated with lights, tinsel, and balls. There is not a single roll of Happy Birthday wrapping paper anywhere in site. Continue Reading No Comments