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    The Three Best Reasons to Stop Using Plastic Bags

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    Insulated reusable grocery bags

    People have steadily been coming to the realization that climate change is not a conspiracy, but a real problem that humans caused. It means more than just hotter summers for humans, though. It means the extinction of many species, the displacement of coastal populations, and more. So, what does the average person do about this terrifying problem once they become aware of it? Start on the path to a lifestyle that is less damaging to the Earth, but such a drastic change can start with a small step. One small change with a big impact can be to trade disposable shopping bags for reusable clothes ones. The three advantages of cloth bags listed here should convince even the skeptics of what a big deal even this small step would be.

    1. Disposable Bags Stick Around: Those han

    Four Reasons Your Business Needs Compressed Tshirts

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    Compressed tshirts

    Are you thinking of purchasing compressed tshirts for your business? If you aren’t, you might more likely be thinking, “Um… what in tarnation are compressed tshirts?” We don’t blame you. Compressed tshirts are a somewhat new form of marketing, but quickly making a name for themselves.

    So what are compressed tshirts? Well you know how everyone is crazy for promotional t-shirts? Compressed tshirts takes it just a step further. After going through t shirt printing services, your custom promotional t shirts are compressed into any shape you want (if you’re a handy


    How to Donate Clothing to Charity

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    Helping families in need

    Many people around the United States want to help others but are not sure how to do it. Making charitable clothing donations is something that most people can do. The question then becomes, “where can I donate clothes?”

    • Start by cleaning out your closet. Most people have a lot of clothing that they no longer wear. This is one of the main reasons people think about donating clothing to charity. Go through the clothing you have and organize it. Organizing experts say that if you have seasonal clothing that you have not worn in a year or more, you should get rid of it. Look through your clothes and think about what you wear and what you can get rid of. If you have children, w