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    Gearing Up Your School Spirit

    Practically every person in the U.S. alone owns a drawer-full of them: t-shirts. Although that untouched drawer of high-school sentiment is so hard to part with, they probably don’t even fit you anymore. So why do you keep them? Company apparel of any design can sneak its way into your closets in the form of musty old custom high-school t-shirts that you and your classmates tie-dyed in the 4th grade; however, the company apparel can also be as relevant and meaningful to you as the shirt you won from your color run 5k last summer. Roughly 62% of Americans report that they own ten or more t-shirts in their wardrobe collection. That’s an estimated 1.5 billion shirts! This makes sense however, T-shirts are practical for virtually any occasion — school prep rallies, fund raising events, and sport team spirit events, just to name a few. T-shirts bring great revenue to schools, in fact, 73% of academic fundraising sales are funded by elementary school


    Donating Your Old Clothes to Charity

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    Donations for non profit organizations flow across the United States every year, and among the most common items among donations for non profit organizations are clothing and accessories, from shirts and pants to hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, and more, and helping military families or other families in need is always encouraged by those who run these organizations. Even better, clothing donation locations are all across the United States, and nearly every community is bound to have at least one where clothes may be given to the crews there to be donated to those in need. Donations for non profit organizations can be given once a person assembled everything that they plan to donate and look up the nearest pick-up address. A quick Internet search may yield nearby pickup sites, and queries such as “Where can I donate clothes?” or “local do


    5 Ways to Stay Up-to-Date With Current News and Pop Culture

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    Everyone who went to public high school remembers at least some aspect of the excitement of keeping up with the current trends. These days, it’s quite different. Some might say it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming and hard to suss out what to believe. If you’re looking for ways to stay informed of current news and pop culture trends, here are 5 tips you should try out.

    1. Social Media is Good, When Used Wisely

    Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are more popular than ever, but that doesn’t make them very easy to navigate intelligently. If you wish to follow a specific topic such as politics, entertainment news or current celebrity news

    , follow accounts that deal specifically with that topic. Trusted sources are always preferred, if not required. Just always keep in mind that


    The Gap Designer Clothing

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    Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or not, it is not difficult to notice when a new brand or style is on the rise. You may see trendy fashionistas sporting the latest jeans out on the street, be bombarded with online advertisements for the next best designer sunglasses on the market, or notice your classmates crowding around a The Gap designer clothing for sale display in a mall storefront. Regardless of how it is you have noticed, there is no doubt that you have noticed: The Gap designer backpacks, baseball caps, and t-shirts are the here and now. Interestingly enough, The Gap designer is not just a typical designer label. Here are three facts on The Gap designer’s success and rise to fame.

    The Gap designer is 22 years old. Yep, the brand has been around for about as long as the people who enjoy it. It was the brainchild of fashion designer James Jebbia, and rose slowly in the world’s fashion ranks over those two decades, but only received legendary global sta


    Durable Bags to Replace Plastic

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    Around the world, the initiative to “go green” encompasses many practices that private citizens and businesses (and even governments) alike can partake in to help reduce pollution and environmental destruction to preserve the biosphere. Fresh water can be saved with shorter showers, water-efficient toilets and shower heads, and more, while carpooling, taking buses, and riding bikes can lower CO2 emissions, and one particular offender of polluting the planet is the proliferation of plastic bags. Although cheap, convenient, and very common, plastic bags can do a great deal of harm to the natural world, so as a part of going green, Americans are encouraged to minimize their use and instead invest in much more durable bags, totes, and cases that are made of eco-friendly, tough materials that help keep plastic bags out of the oceans and landfills. Grocery bags are often plastic, but paper and woven fabric alte


    9 Fun Facts About Flowers

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    Few things make people around the United States happy the way flowers do. At least 65% of people say that when they receive flowers, it makes them happy. For 69% of Americans, being around them, looking at them and smelling them helps their mood. When it comes to giving and getting birthday or holiday flowers, both make people happier. A full 80% of respondents say getting creates a feeling of happiness while 88% enjoy giving them. Here are some fun facts that may encourage you to give more bouquets.

    1. They help people sleep better. Insomnia is a problem for many people around the world. Gerbera daisies, in particular, are known to help people get a better night’s sleep. Scientists say they soak up carbon monoxide at night and sprew out healthy oxygen. This is especially good for people who suffer from sleep apnea, a condition that causes people to stop breathing at night.
    2. Tulips may now adorn many Continue Reading No Comments


    Forget the pies and cookies, start selling clothing as your next school fundraiser

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    While so many school fundraisers are pies, cookie dough, and wrapping paper there are other school fundraiser projects that could be even more lacerative. Instead of making kids sell these pointless materials that most grandmothers only buy because no one else needs anything out of the fundraiser books that are overpriced and usually just pointless, why not plan a school pride apparel fundraiser to get the entire community involved in showing a bit of school spirit with a custom t-shirt? A spirit wear fundraiser could be a fun way to get the entire school and community involved in happy showing off school spirit shirts and other school spirit wear.

    62% of Americans own more than 10 t-shirts! That’s more than 1.5 billion shirts in closets roughly. With custom apparel and t shirts for fundraising an entire community gets a reward and to show off their school pride even if they graduated from said school years before. Custom school apparel is no longer just something to sport depend


    Creative Fashion with the Growth of E-Commerce in the Next Few Years

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    With fashion as one of the largest industries in our nation and the world, there is much to gain from creative exploration through the world of fashion. No matter what you intend to start as a fashion business, there is billions of growth predicted within a couple of years alone.

    The Worldwide E-Commerce Fashion Industry

    So many designer brand names have grown to an online sales focus within the past few years. Especially considering the fact that many customers already know their size for designer shoes and clothing, along with the styles they like the most for designer earrings and other jewelry, there is little reason to visit the shopping center and wait in line.

    Already over $480 billion in annual sales, the worldwide e-commerce fashion industry is expected to blossom to well over $700 billion by 2022. That provides a significant amount of development for creative exploration, innovative designs, and oth


    Consider Participating in Charitable Giving This Year

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    There is nothing that can make you feel more resourceful and giving than thinking of others all year round. Especially right now when we are entering into the holiday season, it helps to think of others in their time of need and remember that not everybody is as lucky as we are when it comes to shelter, clothing, food, and all of our other basic needs. You will find that some people spend all year searching for a place to call home, struggle to raise their families, and more. This is where charitable giving comes into play to help others during a time of great stress.

    Charity pick up is one of the greatest resources for many people in need. If you decide to donate to others throughout the year, having a company on your side who will travel to receive your items and ensure that those in need receive them is one of the kindest things that can help an entire family. Organizations that accept clothing donations are far and few, but they tend to work for the well-being of the women, m


    Taking A Closer Look At Functional Fashion In The United States

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    Taking care of kids as they grow is certainly far from uncomplicated. Children have many needs – and they also have many opinions, which can make meeting those needs something of a difficult task, as anyone who has a child that is a picky eater can attest to. Picking out clothing is another one of these needs that can lead to a bit of contention between parent and child, because the styles that kids are drawn to are not necessarily always the most durable and practical options that are out there.

    For many parents, back to school shopping is the prime time to stock up on clothing for their children as they grow throughout the year. In fact, when we look at overall consumer spending here in the United States, we see that back to school shopping is actually the second biggest season for shopping in the entirety of the year. And while many of the purchases made during back to school shopping season will be for the various school supplies that all children need, much of the costs will