The Importance of High Traction Work Boots

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Compression resistance

Uniforms are an important part of many jobs. They provide a distinct way to identify different employees in a community, such as police officers, firemen and military professionals. These uniforms provide a feeling of community, safety and security for the different divisions of employment. They also allow other professionals in similar fields the ability to identify other employees. This can be important in fields such as the police and military fields. Additionally, uniforms are often designed with comfort and fit. They need to fit appropriately and be comfortable for the fields whose employees are on their feet for many hours of the day.

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The Two Essential Elements of Safety Work Boots

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Compression resistance

The average person will walk approximately 10,000 steps a day. For a laborer or construction worker, that number increases to over 30,000 steps each day. When you walk that much, wearing comfortable boots is essential to getting through the day. Equally essential to your health and safety, however, is wearing safety work boots.

There are 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles in your foot. To say that work site safety starts with your feet is an understatement. Regardless of your line of work, you have to protect your feet. Thousands of workplace injuries could be prevented each year if workers simply used the proper gear.

The key elements of protective footwear