Want Some Easy Walking Advertisements? Try Giving Out Free T-Shirts

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    Custom decorated t-shirts

    Custom printed T-shirts are ubiquitous in our day-to-day world. Almost 50% of all consumers have some type of promotional T-shirt and T-shirts are one of the most popular custom apparel items out there. They’re relatively inexpensive to make, can come in a variety of colors, and are easy to personalize with a slogan, a business or organization’s name, and other information. They also serve as “walking advertisements” of sorts — the more people that wear them and are out and about, the wider the T-shirt’s message will spread. (It’s natural for other people to try and read T-shirts, especially if there’s a funny graphic or eye-catching slogan.) If you’re trying to drum up business or make yourself better known in the community or surrounding area, consider offering free T-shirts or other promotional i