Preserve Your Family Memories with Digitized Photo Albums

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    Restoring photos

    Are you one of those individuals who treasure their family photos more than any other possessions? You’re in good company, because almost one-in-four Americans say their photos are even more important to them than other documents, including birth certificates and Social Security cards.

    It’s amazing to consider that over 3.5 trillion photos have been taken since the photograph was invented 186 years ago. More recently, in 2014, over 880 billion photos were taken, according to Yahoo!

    Do you know where all your family photos are? Are they organized in boxes? In albums? Framed?

    When 250 parents were surveyed, 44% said that they weren’t sure where all their children’s photos were. Furthermore, 52% said they hadn’t organized or preserved them, and 47% said that they hadn’t actually considered how t