Making Your Home Office a Powerhouse of Productivity

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A home office isn’t about oak bookshelves and high-backed leather office chairs. But it’s also much more than just a table where you spread out your stuff. Your home office is the part of your home you set apart so that you can focus on what needs to be done. And finding the right furniture is the first step.

The desk is arguably the centerpiece of your office. But that doesn’t meann it needs to be in the center of your office. Corner computer desks (triangular or L shaped desks) in a designated room can give a home office a much more open concept. And in a shared office space (say, in a bedroom), L shaped desks conform to the run of the walls, and can blend in with your style.

Everyone needs storage, but the home office presents a unique challenge: how to provide file cabinets and drawers that don’t seem too industrial. Metal cabinets for home offices are much more visually appealing than their cubicle-counterparts. And modern wooden file cabinets in any shade or finish can easily warm up your space.

Wondering where to sit? Stop pulling in that extra kitchen chair and get a proper office seat. Choose wisely, and be sure to test-drive—you’ll be parked in that chair for much of your working day. Comfy is good, but too comfy can lull you into decreased productivity. Mesh office chairs offer excellent support and good air flow, so your back and legs don’t get too warm during work hours.

Today’s home office is a convergence of style, functionality, and integration into the existing decor. Lines are cleaner, furniture is more practical, and customization options are nearly endless, so that even if your office is an integrated part of a larger shared room, your overall style can still shine through. Check out this site for more: www.products.directbuy.com

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  • Neil Butler
    November 15, 2013 at 2:29 am |

    I tried having a home office, but I could never get anything done. I’m too easily distracted by all the familiar stuff if I work from home.

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