The 35mm Camera VS Digital Camera Debate

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The 35mm camera vs digital camera debate has been going on ever since digital cameras came into vogue. For most, the 35mm camera vs digital camera debate doesn’t matter, since they just want something that easily captures memory as high quality pictures. However, it’s worth hearing both sides of the 35mm camera vs digital camera argument to know what camera might be best to purchase.

So before you head to the digital camera stores to start shopping, consider each side!

35mm Cameras.

Film can be both a good and bad thing. Depending on its quality, an affordable film camera can capture truly spectacular images, whereas digital cameras are limited by the number of megapixels that they can capture. Film is also relatively inexpensive, but unless you have your own dark room, you will have to pay each time to have photos developed, unlike a digital camera. Another underrated thing about 35mm cameras is that they require no batteries! So long as you have more film, you can keep taking pictures.

Digital Cameras.

A digital camera allows you to easily upload images to your computer so you can share them on social media quickly, and edit them if need be. Plus, the vast majority of cameras nowadays have an LCD screen that allows you to preview an image to make sure it came out properly. However, the biggest drawback of digital cameras is that they are pretty expensive, and newer, better models come out seemingly every few months.

Now that you’ve heard each side of the 35mm camera vs digital camera debate, what do you think you’ll get? If you have any questions about the 35mm camera vs digital camera debate, feel free to ask in the comments. For more information see this.

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