The Man Reasons to Grow a Beard

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There are many reasons why a man might grow a beard. He might be trying to attract a certain lady or man to accompany him on a date. He might be trying to impress co-workers with his brand of manliness and ruggedness. He may be trying to stay warm during the winter’s chill. There are many reasons why a man might grow a beard.

Research shows that a woman, whether she is a girl or a young lady or a woman, will be more interested in men that have some kind of facial hair. Smooth shaven is out, while beards and stubble are in. A man that has a beard is more likely to be considered a good mate for a relationship. Stubble is more for one night stands.

A beard, to women, conveys masculinity and a sense of responsibility. A beard also represents a certain difference from the norm. Although beards are becoming more popular, the smooth shaven man is still seen in an abundance of TV shows and dramas, where the leading men generally don’t have facial hair.

Stubble, like a beard, conveys a certain difference compared to the smooth shaven guy. For women, men with stubble have an edge, a certain danger to them, making them the most popular choice for one night stands and quick hook ups. Stubble conveys a certain rugged masculinity to it as well.

The smooth shaven man is the one that gets the least attention from women, according to research. Having stubble makes a man more likely to have a one night stand. Having a beard makes a man more likely to have a relationship. The smooth shaven man finishes last, perhaps because women think that man is a little too uptight or rigid.

There are other reasons why a man would want to grow a beard. He might be trying to impress co-workers with his brand of manliness and ruggedness. A beard sends signals to the people it is around. A man with a beard is a man in touch with his inner man. That beard signals that he is a masculine man.

A masculine man is more attractive to many people, especially in the world of standard dating. The masculine man is shown with a beard, like the caricatures on television of rugged men who have beards. These men are generally shown engaging in masculine activities. They are considered the manly men.

A man also might try to grow a beard to stay warm from the winter’s chill. The winter’s chill can be harsh in many places. A beard, with its fuzzy hair, protects against the cold and chill. It protects against the lashing of the cold wind and the flurries of snow that threaten to chill the face of a man.

There is Chicago. There is Buffalo. There is New York. There are different places where the cold gets so severe that a man might try to grow a beard just to keep his face protected in the cold. There are many reasons why a man might grow a beard and this is one. There are many others as well.

For a man who has a beard, he may decide to keep it trimmed or to let it loose. To let it loose is to appear more counter-cultural than if the beard is trimmed. The counter-cultural beard is long and shaggy and is seen on the faces of folk rock players and folk players and other people in tune with the mountain man.

For a man who has a beard that he wants trimmed, their are many different options. There is the all natural beard oil, which comes as beard oil or beard oils in a beard oil kit. The beard oil is a must to keep the beard looking full and luscious, without issues of lack of fluffiness.

There is also scented beard oil, for the man that wants his beard to smell like something. It is entirely possible these scents can range from the fruity and the flowery versus the scent of car oil or grease. It all depends on what the man wants. And there are general grooming products as well.

Grooming products help a man with the beard. Grooming products can be cheap. Grooming products can be expensive.

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