Custom jewelry design

An engagement is one of the most special moments a couple shares. It’s understandable to want to ensure every aspect of your engagement goes smoothly. Statistics show that 29% of Tiffany and Company’s worldwide sales are made through selling wedding and engagement jewelry. You’ll often find that a typical jewelry store doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Many choose to utilize custom jewelry design before it comes time to pop the big question. Here are three important benefits of custom engagement rings.

  1. The Ring is Your Creation

    It’s important to have an engagement ring that makes a statement. You’ll want your engagement to be special. Creating a ring of your own lets you make the specifications. In many cases, you’ll be asked which style of ring you would like. It’s important to choose the right stone and setting for your engagement ring. You’ll find that diamond jewelry is very popular in the world of engagement rings. Choosing customized jewelry helps to ensure a master jeweler puts together an incredibly special piece.
  2. Makes an Important Gift More Personal

    You might find that you want a birthstone to commemorate your engagement. Choosing the birthstone of the person you’re proposing to is a romantic idea. Choosing the right month to propose is an important consideration to make. Statistics from the United States Department of Commerce report that jewelry stores store about $2.6 billion in February 2016. You might want to choose this moment in the creation process to have a custom engraving done. Having the date of the engagement or names of the couple are two popular engraving choices. A master jeweler can help ensure you have the perfect engraving completed.
  3. Great for Couples Wanting to Decide Together

    Not all engagements need to be situations full of surprise. Certain couples may want to get together to create their engagement rings. Creating engagement rings together is a great idea and a fun spin on more traditional customs. You can rest assured that both you and your partner have the perfect engagement ring through the customization process.

In closing, there are several benefits of choosing a customized engagement ring. Statistics through spring 2017 show that nearly 30 million people have spent money on fine jewelry for the current year. Many people choose to create their own custom engagement rings. You’ll find that custom engagement rings help to make a personal day that much more special. A master jeweler can create a ring is perfect for couples wanting to create these pieces together.

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