Patchwork area rug

Are you decorating your new home? Have you ever considered a black cowhide rug? If you get a genuine cowhide rug, it is one of the most natural and best decorative pieces you can pick for your home. They are often used an focal points for a room. The focal point can really set the mood and be the foundation for the theme of the room. Cowhide rugs possess a certain beauty and natural design that you cannot find in other kinds of rugs. Typically, they are one of the most durable kinds of rugs around but that does not mean they cannot have any problems or need any maintenance or care.

There are some things that can happen with cowhide leather rugs. Some of these things are just because they are natural. That means they may be impacted by the environment more than other kinds of rugs. The good news is there are things you can do to deal with any issues that come up with your new black cowhide rug.

How you can deal with curling corners:

The corners of most cowhide rugs are thinner than the rest of the rug. This means that they are prone to some amount of curling. This is a common feature of most cowhide patch rugs and you should know that it is not an indication of the quality of the rug. Should you see this on that new black cowhide rug you bought at the cute store downtown, do not assume they sold you a defective rug.

As always, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If your black cowhide rug is not showing any signs of curling corners, you can take some steps to keep it that way. You need to keep your cowhide rug away from sources of heat. That means, it should not be placed in any spot where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. That can also fade anything you put in its path so you should think about that with your other decorative items.

When or if you do start to see signs of curling corners on that black cowhide rug, try to dampen the back of the rug and massage it. Use a spray bottle to moisten the underside of the rug. Fold it back into a flat position and place heavy books on the corners. If you have encyclopedias, they work great for stuff like this. Give this between 24 and 48 hours and you should be able to straighten out the corners of your rug.

It has gotten dirty.

All rugs get dirty after a while. If your black cowhide rug has dirt or stains that you want to remove, take a clean and damp sponge or cloth and add a mild solution of water and soap. Carefully wipe the dirt and stain from the rug. Mix up a solution of 95% water and 5% vinegar. Take another clean sponge or cloth and use the solution on the rug. Hang the rug outside and let it air dry.

Regular vacuuming is always a good thing for any rug and the same is true for a black cowhide rug. Just be gentle with the rug when you do that. You should also take it outside and shake free dirt and dust that can accumulate on the rug.

Sometimes cowhide rugs can smell bad.

This does not happen often. In fact, it is quite rare that they will smell but from time to time a black cowhide rug will have an odor issue. No one wants bad smelling rugs in their home so how can you handle this? You should never wash any kind of cowhide. Some people think that because you can wet them to get the curls out of the corners, it is safe to wash them. They are natural, right? What you need to do is hang the cowhide rug outside and allow the wind to take care of the smell. If, after a few hours of hanging outside, the smell does not go away, you can buy a powdered freshener for the cowhide rug.

Like any leather product, cowhide rugs are durable but not impervious to the elements or immune from getting dirty.



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