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Radiation and EMF waves are in the air around us. There’s so much technology in the world now and along with that increase of technology comes a whole new onslaught of radiation and EMF for us to combat. EMF blockers are so important to keeping ourselves safe and even prolonging our life. There are several ways to block EMF and WiFi radiation effects. Here are just a few of the things that you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

EMF Protection Jewelry
EMF protection jewelry comes in forms of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, hair clips and more. Basically any kind of accessory can be turned into an EMF protection device. This is great because an individual can wear it at all times and ensure that they will not be exposed to all of the radiation that is in the atmosphere around us. Also, it’s a fairly inconspicuous way to stay safe without making a big deal about it. However, you should be making sure your loved ones are safe. You could buy them EMF protection jewelry as gifts so that they can be protected also.

Radiation Detection Watches
There are watches available now that will measure the amount of radiation around you. After you have set up all the correct settings, if you enter an area that has a higher level of radiation or EMF waves than you should be exposed to, an alarm will sound and you can immediately leave the area until the alarm turns off. Watches are not the only items that do this, although they are the most convenient. There are all small portable machines that can do the same thing as well as a credit card type device that you can carry in your wallet.

Window Screens and Shields
You could be doing your best at protecting yourself and your family from the radiation and EMF of the world but if your neighbor is not doing the same thing, those waves can still seep into your house through cracks and open windows. Your best bet is to shut the windows tightly and seal up all the cracks. However, sometimes, on a nice day, it’s a very good feeling to have your doors and windows wide open. In order to continue protecting your family from your neighbor’s radiation and still be able to open your windows and doors without fear, you can invest in EMF protection screens or shields for your windows and doors. As long as they remain shut, you won’t have to worry about anything sneaking past you.

Reducing Electronics
Electronics are what send out the most EMF waves. Cell phones, cordless land lines, laptops, microwaves, WiFi, and other appliances are the types of things that everyone has in their homes that emit these harmful waves. In order to protect yourself the best, get rid of everything that might give off EMF waves. You can replace cell phones with land lines that plug into the wall, lap tops with computers that plug in, etc. Plugging something in doesn’t do away with the waves but it does help to reduce them. When you aren’t using them, unplug them and this will help further.

Eating the Right Foods
Believe it or not, your diet can help to protect you. Make sure that you had a lot of leafy green vegetables in your diet. Spices such as turmeric, basil, thyme and oregano are all great as well. Some other good snacks would be fruits, nuts and also seeds. All of these are high in antioxidants which can protect your body. Foods that you should avoid include things such as charred meat, anything fried and foods that are highly processed. Living in America can make it difficult to find anything but these latter food ideas but it’s available if you shop at the right places.

Do as much as you can to make sure yourself and your family and friends are protected from radiation and EMF waves. Whether it be window screens or EMF protection jewelry, whatever it takes is necessary. People might think that you are being over the top but keep the bigger picture in mind.

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