Desert boots

Security guards often are carrying a lot of things on them. However, you want to make sure that you are not overloading yourself or weighing yourself down. Forego the unneeded things like steel toe boots if your don’t need them to protect your feet in order to be able to carry something that you really do need. Here are a few things that good security guard should never been without from tactical boots to defense mechanisms.

You never want to go into a dark location without a flashlight as the security guard. You likely are the first one going in, so you’ll need to be able to see around you in order to stay safe and properly assess the situation. If you work nights, a flash light is an obvious choice but you should still have a flashlight in the day time in case you have to check out something that is in a dark area. A durable, heavy duty flashlight could also be used as a weapon if necessary.

Defense Weapon
As a security officer, you are the first line of defense for whatever you are protecting. This means that you need to protect yourself. Unarmed guards are able to carry a baton and sometimes pepper spray. If you are a licensed armed guard then you will be able to carry your firearm while you are working. Make sure that you are well versed in how to use each defense weapon and are never caught by surprise. This is especially true for a hand gun. Attend the appropriate classes to inform and educate yourself on how to use your defense weapons and then go to a range or a safe area is order to practice possible scenarios. You should be prepared for anything.

A good pair of tactical boots is definitely something that you need to have. This can make all the difference in maintaining the rest of your body. Most guards have a great deal of walking around to do so durable tactical boots should be on your must have list. If you initially invest properly, they will last you an incredibly long time. However, if you go the cheap route, you’ll end up hurting yourself and having to replace your boots far too often. Comfortable tactical boots will literally make or break your career. Most companies will require that their guards where black boots but some prefer tan or khaki so make sure you check with your employer for investing in some quality law enforcement boots.

Tactical Belt
You’ll need something to carry your equipment. There is even more that you might be required to carry than what is listed in this article such as handcuffs, etc. The worst thing would be if you needed your gun or baton and had to fumble around looking for it, or had left it as your desk. Always, always wear your belt and all of your equipment and know where it all is. Practice taking things out without looking down so that should you encounter a threatening individual, you’ll be able to get what you need without taking your eyes off of them. All they need is for you to be distracted for a fraction of a second to either run or attack you.

Cell Phone
Security officers tend to communicate via walkie-talkies or radios but a cell phone should still be available to you. This will give you the ability to call the police or the fire department when necessary. Any and all important numbers should be easy to access in your phone. Make sure that your pass code is not difficult so that it doesn’t make you fumble in a high pressure situation. Better yet, take the lock code off while you are at work and keep your cell phone with you.

First Aid Kit
You don’t have to have anything extravagant- a simple kit with bandages, alcohol wipes, medical tape and gauze should do just fine. You should have this not only for yourself but also for the people around you. Your job is protect the people in the facility you are guarding and have a first aid kit for emergencies is part of that protection. Handing out a band-aid may seem trivial but it’s important to someone else.

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