If you need fresh and beautiful flowers for a wedding, party, or other special event, then you will want to check out your local flower shops and see what offerings they have on hand. You can also check with local florists and online delivery shops to find amazing flower delivery options that can fit your unique needs.

Whether you need beautiful flowers for you for personal reasons or you are looking for the perfect bouquet for a special someone, your local florist and online shops likely have what you need. And if not, they can likely work with you to develop a custom order that will fit your unique and specific needs.

So, when you are looking for beautiful flowers to buy, whether a bouquet or roses, a stunning floral arrangement, a stunning centerpiece, or a box of fresh flowers, you have options. So, find the flowers that are just right for your special someone and show them how much you really care. Contact your local florist today to get started and to see what beauty awaits!

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People have been using flowers to express their feelings for centuries. They’ve been having flowers delivered, using flowers as currency, hiring a wedding florist, and sending funeral flowers to express love, sorrow, desire, life, and appreciation. If you love flowers, read on for cool facts about how we’ve been using them, and what we think of flowers, the people who give them, and the florist industry.

  1. The tulip was once a form of acceptable currency. In the 1600s, Holland valued tulip bulbs even more than gold. Tulips were a symbol of love and life, and in the 1630s a “tulip mania” spread across all of Western Europe. The mania was so intense that, despite the fact that a cut tulip lasts only three to seven days, they were used as a form of currency.
  2. Red is for love: and also for socialism. Red roses are a frequent request for a wedding florist, but a red rose held in the hand in certain contexts can be a symbol of socialism. Red carnations are also believed to symbolize deep love, and the red tulip is a common declaration of romance in Russia.
  3. White has a variety of meanings. If you want to send a message of pure love, the white carnation is the flower of choice. Any sort of fresh white flower can also be used to signify purity or innocence, honesty and elegance, and even fiat or inspiration. Many brides prefer their wedding florist to use white roses. These feelings inspired by white flowers date back to ancient Greece. However, in Asia, white is associated with death, evil, and the afterlife.
  4. Not surprisingly, Valentine’s Day is a big day for flowers. Of all the flowers sold that day in the United States, 73% are bought by men. What is surprising is that 14% of all women are sending themselves flowers on this holiday.
  5. Women really do like flowers. It’s not just a television trope. When interviewed, nearly 90% of women say that getting flowers makes them feel special. When asked, 92% of women can remember that last time they were sent flowers. It’s not just on Valentine’s Day and romantic occasions that women enjoy flowers, either. Nearly $2 billion in flowers is spent on Mother’s Day as well.
  6. People love a thoughtful giver. Interviews show that 89% of people think flower givers are sophisticated and 99% think a flower giver is thoughtful. Research shows that people who send flowers, as opposed to any other type of gift, are generally seen as caring, emotionally intelligent, and successful.
  7. The wedding florist is an important part of the American economy. Every year, the florist industry brings in revenue of $7 billion. More people than ever are calling the wedding florist, too, as the industry great 0.6% every year from 2009 to 2014. There are well over 36,000 florists in America, and the industry employs more than 90,000 people.

Flowers are one of the best gifts a person can give and an essential part of our most important ceremonies. Whether it’s a wedding or a funeral, a religious festival, an anniversary, or an important holiday, flowers are the perfect way to convey feelings and express important concepts visually. The next time your choosing a florist, think about the amazing way that flowers can say what the heart most deeply feels.

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