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Many people around the United States like to help others. Not everyone can donate money or volunteer for a nonprofit but most of us have items and clothing that we are not planning to use again. By working with charities that will pick up donations, we can see to it that our used stuff gets a new lease on life and can help other people. Here are some great reasons to make clothing donations to charity.

  1. People can use your old clothing. The United States is home to some of the worst and most volatile weather on earth. From hurricanes to blizzards and tornadoes, people have to deal with a number of natural disasters. When disaster strikes, many people lose just about everything they own. While some non-profit organizations will only take money, there are some that take items. The clothing you donate can go to people who have lost all of theirs.
  2. Your tax bill will go down. The Internal Revenue Service treats donations of clothing and other items the same way it treats cash donations. When you work with charities that will pick up donations, make sure you are given a receipt for your items. That way you can include it with your tax forms and deduct the value of your donations from your tax bill/
  3. You can help charities keep their doors open. Many charities take in items and then sell them in their consignment shops. This is a great way for them to make money to be able to stay open and offer a variety of services to people in need. Charitable clothing donations can go a long way towards helping non-profits do the work that they do.
  4. You will help people afford clothing. Many people around the United States are living at or below the poverty line. These people often shop at consignment stores to get clothing for themselves and their families. When you make clothing donations, you are making it possible for people to afford the clothing they need.
  5. Your closet will become neater. Decades ago, women had only nine outfits in their closets. Now, women have, on average, 30 or more outfits. Most of us also have clothing that we are never going to wear again. If that describes you, one great way to get organized is to give away the clothing that you are not going to wear again.
  6. You will reduce your carbon footprint. When you throw away clothing, it finds its way into a landfill. Even biodegradable clothing will contribute to the warming of the planet. This is because the processes to break down materials, such as cotton, require oxygen to work properly. When oxygen is not available, say to items in a landfill, that break down has to occur anaerobically. This is the process that produces greenhouse gases. Also, if you throw away an item, a new item needs to be made to replace it. Working with charities that will pick up donations is the best way to recycle your old clothes. Every year, 82 pounds of textile waste is thrown away by the average person in the United States.
  7. You build good will in your community. When you donate clothing to charity, people see you do it and the are more inclined to the same thing. Your act of kindness can lead to other acts of kindness and the result is a good feeling that helps everyone in your community. You can organize a donation drive at your home or business and work with charities that will pick up clothing donations to maximize your giving. When charities pick up donations, the giving cannot be any easier.

It has bee said that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This is very true when it comes to clothing and household items. Every day, non-profit organizations use the donations they receive to go about helping families in need. By finding and working with charities that will pick up donations, you can do a lot to make the community you live in better for everyone. By making these donations, you are also doing wonders for your karma.

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