Dark marks

Is your skin tone uneven? Do you have dark marks or other skin imperfections? In most cases, these issues result from these primary causes:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun spots
  • Hormones
  • Acne scarring


The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology states that these darker patches of skin are caused by an excess of melanin. This occurs when melanin, which is the brown pigment produced by the body to create normal skin tone, begins to form deposits in the skin. As a result, these patches are darker than the surrounding skin.

Sun Spots

Many people spend a considerable amount of time outside without wearing sun protection. As a result, sun spots and other issues can develop.

The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that over 90% of the noticeable signs of skin aging are caused by the sun. While these spots can begin to appear in a person’s 20s, most people usually don’t begin to notice them until they are in their 30s and 40s.


Hormones can also create an uneven skin tone. Around 50% to 70% of women, for example, experience this when they’re pregnant. When hormones are unbalanced at other times, such as with menopause, women may also notice that their skin tone has become uneven.

Acne Scarring

While people of various ages can experience acne, it is quite common with teenagers. During the middle of the teenaged years, however, over 40% will already have acne or acne scars.

The Skin Care Industry

It’s important to note that advances are being made within the industry to address a variety of dermatological issues. The need and desire for these products is clear when examining the industry market.
During 2014, for example, anti-aging facial care products experienced $1.15 billion in sales. By 2021, it is expected that the global skin care market will be valued at $154 billion in United States’ currency.

Skin Lightning Products

A recent Dove survey with women around the world showed that just 4% consider themselves to be beautiful. Since dermatologists claim that women begin to see changes in their skin during the early 30s, many of these women may have hyperpigmentation, sun spots, hormonal issues, or acne scars.

In addition to using sun protection when going outside, there are several skin lightening products from which to choose. These include natural and organic lightening creams, which are considered to be the best anti aging products.

Many women realize that confidence is a powerful beauty enhancer. As Dove’s survey also showed with 7 out of 10 of the women they surveyed, products that can enhance this confidence are beauty products. In addition to a bright smile and a confident posture, sun protection and other anti-aging products can be considered to as welcome beauty products.

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