Paddle boarding for beginners

We live in an increasingly sedentary world. Accessible transportation, telecommute positions and daily use of the Internet have made it all too easy to get everything we need done from the convenience of a chair. Although there is plenty to love about the benefits technology has done for us, more awareness is being raised nowadays about the dangers of not getting enough exercise. Even engaging in a brisk walk a few times per week can significantly lower your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart failure! If you’ve found yourself wondering how you can start being more active, the list below could give you a pointer or two…

Did You Know?

Exercise can be hard to come by nowadays, but every little effort goes a very long way in keeping you healthy. Doctors recommend adults get at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day. Not able to commit to that? Try three days per week. Aerobic exercises like jogging, brisk walking or taking a trip to the gym can help prevent long-term conditions like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. People who are more sedentary than normal, smoke, have high blood pressure or have a family history of heart attack are encouraged to ask their regular doctor about lifestyle changes.


Archery isn’t just a thing of the past. Archery equipment has seen a surge in purchases over the past handful of years, thanks in no small part to people becoming reacquainted with old-fashioned ways of getting out and active. The stress of firing a bow helps lead to proper muscle development in nearly all muscle groups. That includes your shoulders, chest, back…even your spine and hips for positioning! Archery equipment can be bought at your average sports store and should be considered for those who want a bit of adventure with their routine exercise.

Paddle Boarding

Consider paddle boarding for beginners if you want something a little easier, but no less beneficial. The water is home to all sorts of engaging (and refreshing) sports like swimming, boating and fishing. Paddle boarding is less intensive than surfing and is considered a fantastic way to enjoy the spring and summer season. Paddle boarding for beginners can be better done with the aid of a professional so you can get the basics out of the way as quickly as possible. Remember to always wear safety equipment every time you go into the water!

Mountain Climbing

Interested in strengthening your entire muscle group? Want to get yourself nicely toned for next summer? Mountain climbing has been a staple for decades and has yet to fall out of popularity. Contrary to popular belief, mountain climbing doesn’t actually have to be delegated exclusively to a mountainside. You can drop by your nearest community gym or mountain climbing center and whet your appetite at any number of arenas. Mountain climbing gear should not just include safety harnesses and gloves, but also good shoes to avoid blisters.

Getting Fit And Staying Healthy

Paddle boarding for beginners, bouldering gear and adventure clothing all have something in common…they’re great ways of having fun and staying healthy. Consumer spending on camping equipment has reached nearly $2 billion over the past year and over 60% of participants in a recent survey camped on a public campground. Physical activity is starting to be taken very seriously in our sedentary world and the best news of all is how you can personalize your lifestyle choices to the smallest detail. Will you become a mountain climbing guru? How about picking up archery supplies to impress your friends?

There’s nothing you can’t do once you put your mind to it!

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