Sea glass rings

It seems like the summer time is full of events and parties. You may go every weekend in the year with a graduation party, wedding, baby shower, wedding shower, or holiday party. Because of the increase in summer time events, you will also find that you are expected to give more gifts. Attending numerous events over the summer months will leave you with limited gifting ideas. Beach glass jewelry is a wonderfully unique gift that makes the perfect gift for any of these occasions.


A large percentage of couples plan their weddings in the summer months because of the beautiful weather conditions. Purchasing the perfect wedding gift can be difficult because you have probably already gifted household items at the shower, fun items at the bachelor or bachelorette party, and you are left empty handed for the actual wedding. Your gift for the wedding should also not be too large, as it can take up limited space and be difficult to transport from the venue to their house. Beach glass jewelry is perfect for weddings because it has a romantic and unique vibe. Choose a sea glass pendant or sea glass charm that really speaks to the couple and their special wedding day.

Graduation parties

What do you purchase for that favorite niece or nephew that is off to college? They are at a transition age that makes gift giving difficult. Toys and childish items are seen as not appropriate, but household gifts are not yet usable. Instead, try to gift your favorite graduate something thoughtful and memorable. Give them a piece of beach glass jewelry that they can wear to college. It will remind them of you every time they wear it. It will also bring them good luck as they head into their new life.

Baby showers

A lot of parents to be wait and hold their baby showers for the summer months. The weather is nicer and the shower can be held outdoors. While the traditional baby shower gifts include diapers, blankets, and other newborn baby necessities, it can also be a thoughtful gesture to purchase something for the mother to be. The mother to be is going through a lot of life changes and will appreciate the added gift of beach glass jewelry. For a truly unique baby shower gift, give both the baby and the mother to be a matching set of sea glass jewelry pieces. When the baby gets older, they can wear the jewelry and you can explain to them how it was made.

Holiday parties

The summer has a couple BBQ related holidays. Families get together, throw food on the BBQ, and catch up with one another. While gifts are not as expected at these types of events, gifting the hostess with a piece of unique beach glass jewelry can be very thoughtful. Soft green colors could come from bottles that were used for ink, fruit, and baking soda. These colors are found once in every 50 to 100 pieces. Make sure you explain the unique creation process of the sea glass jewelry so your hostess can really understand it.

Engagement parties

The engagement party is the first event of the wedding season. It is a sort of pre celebratory event that allows the two families to get to know one another. Gifts are not always expected at an engagement party, but they do make a great gesture. Because rings are so popular when it comes to weddings, gifting sea glass rings to the couple can be a wonderful idea. You can even search for and choose your own sea glass piece for the ring. Just eight miles north of Mendocino, California, a beautiful coastline along Fort Bragg holds many sea glass treasures.

The summer is a busy time for family and friend events. The weekends are filled up with showers, parties, and other gift giving celebrations. If you are running out of unique gift ideas, consider the unique idea of beach glass jewelry. It is truly one of a kind and comes in many different colors, styles, and designs.

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