Whiskey is a well-loved drink across the world, with Scotland whisky being exported at a rate of almost 42 per second. You can age your whiskey at home with tips found in the video linked here.

When ordering a whiskey making kit, you also need to order a mini barrel for aging the whiskey. This is the best option for aging your whiskey because it will take less time and you will be able to enjoy your whiskey sooner.

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You can even have your mini whiskey barrels customized with a name or logo of your choice.

The first step to making your own whiskey is preparing the barrel. You should soak it in water for a few days so the wood will expand and not crack when filled with whiskey. Place it somewhere that can catch any leaks or sawdust that is leftover. You can insert your spigot by tapping it gently with a hammer until there is a tight seal. During the aging process, you should turn over your barrel a few times to wet all the sides to avoid leaks. You can age your whiskey for a few months and then open it back up for drinking.