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For many people, a watch isn’t just a time telling piece but rather an important fashion staple that complement their looks. There are many brands of watch available on the market, and they all have customized features that distinguish them.

One of the legendary watch brand to have graced the market is the Omega Speedmaster. Introduced in 1957, this watch was primarily a sport and racing chronograph, but it soon became the favored timepiece for astronauts heading into space. Omega Speedmaster Reduced is one of Omega’s most iconic timepieces. In the past years, however, this model of Speedmaster wasn’t that popular. And it’s perhaps because of the Omega Speedmaster Professional, which had really tested the limits of physical endurance and human courage.

Although Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional offered elegance beyond compare, some people didn’t fancy having such a large 42mm watch. It also required manual winding watch every other two days, something that most people found limiting. As a result, people’s interests started to shift to its kid brother, the Omega Speedmaster Reduced that featured an automatic movement. This model was powered by caliber 1140 for the better part of its production, but it was later changed to 3220, which featured a slight change in the base movement.

After the introduction of the Original Omega Speedmaster Reduced in 1988, other date versions including the Omega Speedmaster Triple Date chronograph and the Speedmaster Perpetual Calendar were introduced in 1991. But the demand for more designer watches led to the introduction of the Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Automatic Chronograph, which was an advanced version of the Omega Speedmaster Automatic.

If you’re a watch collector, sourcing a vintage Speedmaster can be tricky than buying a new one. The issue isn’t always finding the best deal out there, but rather finding that one specific Speedmaster. Models will fetch varying prices according to their production year. For instance, Omega Speedmaster 3513.50 models will fetch anything between 1500-200 Euros, but you can land a deal of 1200 Euro. However, these are perhaps the mid-1990s versions and rarely come with the box and papers.

If you are looking to buy a Speedmaster, various official dealers and boutiques offer the most authentic timepiece. It may not be your regular wearable timepiece, but it’s certainly valuable to own.

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