It is a wedding idea that likely would not have occurred to you if you had not spent New Year’s Eve in New Orleans. Being from the midwest, you never really think of fireworks except in the summer. The fact that your hotel handed out sparklers, however, was incentive enough to have you at least look into the idea. Although you had never realized it before, you found out that you can actually buy sparklers online. You gave your parents a call and they were wildly enthusiastic about the idea. None of you knew anyone else who had used sparklers for a wedding, so you placed the order to buy sparklers online and vowed to keep the plan a surprise.
You have been a little bit anxious about the weather for your upcoming March wedding. With the new idea to buy sparklers online, however, you know telling yourself that even snow will not matter. in fact, you can almost imagine how awesome those outdoor sendoff photos could be. The combination of a dark evening, snow covered lawns by the church, and wedding sparklers will make for some beautiful photographs.
Your Wedding Should be a Very Special Day from the Very Beginning to the Very End
If you are someone who never thinks of fireworks any time after the Fourth of July you might be surprised that you can actually buy sparklers online any time of the year, for any number of reasons. As a fun way to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary, as an exciting sendoff for a family who is moving, or as a way to celebrate the retirement of a high school principal, smokeless sparklers can be safely used in a variety of situations.
Available in several sizes, these special sparklers are not the Fourth of July events fast burners that you may remember. In fact, while a traditional sparkler may only last for 45 seconds, if you buy sparklers online you can select from several other slower burning options. For instance, with wedding sparklers you have three different sizes and burn times to choose from: The 10 and 20 inch sparklers last for two-and-a-half minutes, and the 36 inch sparklers will last for almost four minutes. Can you imagine how many awesome wedding pictures your wedding photographer could get with for minutes of sparkler back lighting?
Consider some of these other facts before you make the decision to buy sparklers online, whether they are for a wedding or any other kind of celebration:

  • Even though the kids will love them as well, you might want to consider keeping wedding sparklers an adult-only affair, or at the very least, make sure children are under adult supervision at all times. You would not want your special event ruined because the risk of fireworks injury is two-and-a-half times as high for children ages 10 to 14 as they are for adults.
  • If you plan to use celebration sparklers during the ceremony or send-off, most party planners recommend you order enough sparklers for 75% of guests in attendance. This will help you know that you will have plenty. Just as your 84-year old uncle will likely never blow any bubbles at your celebration, he likely will not light a sparkler either. By ordering a sparkler for 75% of the guests you can save yourself a little bit of money and still have enough for the guests interested in participating.
  • For weddings, and other events where you want to use the sparklers as a fun lighting option, 20 or 36 inch sparklers are perfect. Obviously, the benefit of long sparklers is that each guest only needs one sparkler, and each guest needs only needs to light it once. Additionally, these kinds of sparklers have a very long handle to hold.
  • Classic sparklers consist of a stiff metal wire approximately eight to 10 inches long that has been dipped in a thick batter of slow-burning pyrotechnic composition and allowed to dry, but celebration sparklers, especially the smokeless ones, can vary a little.
  • You have planned every other detail, you might as well make some cute fire safe containers where your guests can properly dispose of the sparkler at the end of its use.

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