High visibility hooded sweatshirt

You made sure to make the entry in your runner’s journal before you threw the hi vis long sleeve shirts in the laundry, and even before you iced and napped. You feared if you did not record the notes right away part of the pain from the day’s race might forgotten. You doubt it, but it is possible.
A few notes on the race before I ice and nap. The North Dakota run is one I will not soon forget. From the beginning, you knew that I was in for something special when I signed up to run a race in hockey town. The start did not disappoint. Because we were so close to the Canadian border, the official start began with got Oh Canada and the Star Spangled Banner.
This was a flat, flat course which meant that I had pretty high expectations, which is an awesome mindset to have going into any race. The aid stations were frequent and well stocked; in my opinion, however, not all energy drinks are the same, and this course went with my third choice. In addition, it was difficult to get motivated by the crowds as there were not nearly the spectators I was expecting, especially when I knew that this northern course wound through so many neighborhoods. Minneapolis holds the crown for best crowds. In spite of the lack of spectators, the sheer number of runners made up for it. I never felt alone or isolated.
Unfortunately, this was the worst start to a race I think I have ever had. My legs were hurting right out of the gate, and I had to stop to pee at mile two, losing a couple minutes. I did not really feel settled and comfortable until mile three or four where a few offered orange slices were key to the transition for me. Anyone offering orange slices is an angel come down to earth!
I knew that it might be cold, but I was hoping for the best this third weekend in May. Fortunately, the two hi vis long sleeve shirts that I wore worked perfectly. At about mile ten I donated the top shirt, one I was willing to give up, to a lone spectator. That donation cooled you off and you gained another burst of energy.

One of my favorite signs along the course was held by a spectator wearing a high visibility rain jacket and a pink board that said: Not Last. The kid holding the Pokemon Ahead shirt was another favorite. The End is Near sign held by a guy in full Grim Reaper regalia at mile 25 was a riot, but my very favorite sign was one with a caricature of Trump that said This Marathon is Treating You SO Unfairly.
In addition to a fairly strong finish was the awesome high-five from Elvis and the cop who, in response to my thank you, said in the thickest Fargo accent, “Oooooo, you’re sooo welcome!”

Could High Visibility Work Shirts or Reflective Pants Keep You Safe While You Run or Work?
Safety clothing suppliers serve a pretty broad market. The fact that they design hi vis long sleeve shirts and other items for roadside construction crews, in fact, does not mean that the occasional runner, biker, or hiker might not find those items useful as well. In fact, the high price on athletic brand hi vis long sleeve shirts can seem a little out of reach if an athlete actually takes the time to check other possible sources, like safety clothing suppliers.
Construction workers and the clothing that they require also have other similarities with people who strive to get a healthy amount of exercise. While the average person may walk 10,000 steps a day to stay fit, a construction worker or laborer may walk more than 30,000 steps a day. And while runners are worried about everything from reflective running gear to wearing the right kind of shoes, so, too, do the people who spend long days on their feet working road construction jobs.
Staying safe and being seen are important to both runners, hikers, road crew members, and construction workers. Athletes may find the clothing that they need in places other than high priced sporting good stores.

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