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It might be easy to predict the most famous name of many African American girls who are born in the next year.
After two different Simone’s captured gold in Rio at the 31st Olympics, the name is likely to become the most popular name for a few years.
It was a memorable Olympics in Rio for many athlete from around the world. For two female African American athletes, however, the memories will never disappear because their accomplishments will forever be a part of history. Simone Biles, arguably the best ever female gymnast, went home with five Olympic medals, four of them gold.
And on the same night that the sports writers and Olympic television directors were featuring Biles’ accomplishments, another soon to be even more famous female African American athlete was making news herself. Simone Manuel swam the 100-meter freestyle in 52.70 seconds while at the same time making history. Manuel became the first African-American woman to win an individual event in an Olympic swimming event.
Another thing that both Simone Biles and Simone Manuel have in common is that in addition to setting trends for future names and athletic pursuits, they will likely also become the next role models for everything from hair styles to clothing and music choices to favorite movies. Whether the Simone’s chose Brazilian blowouts or hair extensions, their choices will likely create a ripple effect throughout admirers across the country.
Are You Looking for the Best Place for Hair Extensions?
You do not have to be inspired by an Olympic athlete to want to find the best place for hair extensions, hair weaves, or Brazilian blowouts. Often, popular musicians, actors, and famous models first make some hair styles and make up trends popular. And while many fans may want to repeat these styles, the problem often comes in finding a salon that has enough skilled specialists to achieve the right look. For example, sew in hair extensions may look great on the famous musician in a music video, but your local stylist may not have the same training and the same skills. In order to find the best place hair extensions or other specialized trend, it is important to ask about the training that those stylists receive.
There are more than 663,000 hair stylists in America. And while that may seem like a large number, the number of professionals in the hairstyling industry continue to grow. And while some of these professionals are completely new to the field, a growing number are expanding the offering of specific services. For instance, a report by the Professional Beauty Association indicates that in just the last two years there has been a 28.5% increase in the number of salons in America that offer hair extensions. It just makes sense then that finding the best place for hair extensions includes finding the location that has the greatest number of specifically trained stylists.
These trained stylists understand that specifics like determining the natural hair texture of a person’s hair can help determine the best method for attaching hair extensions and other hair weaves.
How Many Different Hairstyles Have You Had in Your Lifetime?
It is no wonder that America continues to see an increasing number of people entering the hairstyling profession. Surveys indicate that women change their hairstyle as many as 104 different times in their lives. And just like you would have never thought about getting a perm in the 80s from someone who did not understand the process, it is important to find the best place for hair extensions if that is the style that you are looking for now. Specialized styles require specialized training and experience.
You would never go to a pediatrician to have a tooth pulled. You would not go to bike mechanic for work on a car. Likewise, it does not make sense to go to a hair stylist who specializes in a hairstyle or hair trend that you are not interested in. Instead, it makes more sense to go to a specialist who is trained in the styles that you want. Whether your dream hair style is inspired by a famous Olympic athlete or a favorite musician, making the best stylist selection may determine the success of your hairstyle.

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