Targeted protection

You are not crazy and you are not alone.
The world’s scientific community is watching and monitoring the electric and magnetic fields around the world and advising leaders that they must take action. In May of the year 2015, close to 200 scientists from 40 countries called on the United Nations and the World Health Organization for greater protection against this dangerous non-ionizing radiation. These scientists cited several forces, including:

  • microwave frequencies
  • radio frequencies
  • wireless technologies, including cell phones, laptops, and tablet devices
  • ground currents
  • electromagnetic fields associated with all electricity

EMF Safety Store Offerings Can Help Protect People from Unhealthy Exposures
Highly sensitive people who already know that they have a variety of symptoms that align them selves with EMF exposure, understand the importance of protecting themselves. These sufferers use everything from full body protection combined with EMF protection jewelry to block themselves from microwave radiation, laptop radiation, and EMFs emitted by large appliances.
Unfortunately, while some are protecting themselves, many remain completely unaware of the dangers of EMF exposure. Few of the 6 billion global cell phone users in 2012, for example, seemed to be aware of the risks of EMF. Communities continue to erect large cell phone towers closer than 500 yards to people’s homes. Few of these home owners have the protection shields that they need to keep themselves and their families save from EMF radiation.
Consider some of the data on EMF exposure to understand the risks that are present in today’s world:

  • Children and adolescents ages 8 to 17 years show short-term EMF exposure symptoms like headache, irritation, concentration difficulties in school, according to a 2010 study.
  • Wireless phones emit radiation 24 hours a day, even when these devices are not in use.
  • WiFi level laptop exposure for only four hours resulted in decreased sperm viability, according to a 2012 study
  • EMF exposure creates physiological stress in cells after 1.5 years of exposures, according to the 2012 research.
  • “Unknown nature” brain tumors have increased nearly 30% since 2008. Interestingly enough, this increase is not noted in the national cancer registry.

Are your protecting your family, or are you continuing to expose them to the dangerous EMFs that are produced by the electricity and the technology that we use today? EMF safety store products can help parents and spouses who care about their families protect them from unseen dangers.

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