Uk wildcat shirts

If your son has just moved away to college you’re probably so upset — and that’s completely fine. Don’t worry too much about them, though. They are going to be fine. College is a fun time for every young adult and it’s where they will learn more about the world and find out exactly who they are and what they want to be.

You can, however, give them awesome gifts to show them how much you love them every once in a while.

Even though you giving your son a cute little note warms his heart, he will never admit it — so you have to get a little more creative with the things you send him while he’s away at college.

Here are some awesome gift ideas for your college aged son this summer.

UK Wildcat shirts

UK Wildcat shirts are great for your kid if he is going to Kentucky this year. Even if he is going somewhere else, if he’s a big Wildcat fan, he’ll love any UK apparel. There are plenty of UK tees out there that your son will love. Honestly, he’ll probably only have UK wildcat shirts in the laundry by the end of the year — and that’s ok. You’ll help him with laundry later on. Get some university of Kentucky merchandise like university of Kentucky shirts and watch him thank you all year.

Awesome books

He might laugh in your face at first when you give him a book, but eventually he will thank you for it. Every kid grows up hating books and then they grow up a little more and reach their stage of pretending to hate books. After that, though, he’ll actually excited to read whatever books you give him. Don’t pick bad ones, though.

Whatever you give him, as long as it comes from you — he’ll like it.

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