With the rise of the many commercial interior design companies in the United States, interior design has become more and more important to the average American, from office interior design to the interior design of the home space. From remodeling to redecorating, commercial interior design companies have been busy over the course of the last few years.

Remodeling is common throughout many homes in the United States at some point or another. In fact, by 2018 it is predicted that there will be an estimated twelve and a half million remodeling jobs that are worth one thousand dollars, if not more than that. By 2020, just a couple short years from now, it is estimated that remodeling jobs done by commercial interior design companies in homes and other residential building will rise by more than five percent. Some of the increase in the desire to remodel and the hiring of interior designers can be linked to an overall increase in home ownership, which rose to be more than sixty percent of all people in the United States by the time that 2017 ended. In fact, though people often believe that millennials are not buying homes or condos and are choosing to rent indefinitely, this is not true. Millennials actually made up nearly forty percent of home ownership in the recent year and are considered to be on the brink of dominating the housing market as more and more look for a permanent family home.

Once millennials buy these home, they are likely to want to update them with redecoration tactics as well as remodels. As any commercial interior design company can tell you, remodels happen on a scale, much as any other change to a building – be it commercial or residential. For instance, many new home owners only embark on minor remodels, such as basic maintenance and repair or replacing outdated appliances for new ones. More major remodels are not uncommon, however, both for commercial spaces and private residential ones. Whether or not a major remodel will occur depends very much on a number of different factors. For instance, if a recently purchased home is out of date and left in poor condition, it is more likely that the new owners will need to conduct more extensive renovations to make it a comfortable and pleasing place to live. Some new home owners are looking to make a home feel like their own or to meet the needs of their family, and may add extra bedrooms, knock down walls to create a more open space, and the like.

Commercial interior design companies are important, and their necessity all throughout the United States is growing. More and more people are embarking on renovation projects, both in commercial and residential buildings, from small scale renovations to projects of a larger scale. Commercial interior design companies are necessary to the public of the United States and are in high demand.

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