Have you ever had lots of fun at a wedding? Do you remember what made it so great? Chances are you didn’t enjoy yourself because there were lots of expensive or flashy things. It was probably because of the couple, the venue, activities, and the guests. So, how do you go about planning your fun wedding? Fortunately, with a few tips, you can also plan the best wedding and get people to enjoy themselves. There are many little things that you can do to set the tone and create a fun and relaxed wedding. Read on to find out how to plan a fun wedding.

Provide Great Food

There are lots of things that come into play when you learn how to plan a fun wedding. For instance, you will tend to think about the music, the actual venue, and several fun activities. However, all this is not going to be fun without great wedding food. Guests care a lot about the type of food served at a wedding and how it’s served. Therefore, you must make sure that your wedding food is on point because everyone who will attend the wedding will remember what they ate.

You must also find out if any of your guests have allergies so that you don’t end up with emergencies. If certain guests don’t take well to specific foods, you can provide a special menu for these individuals. For instance, you can order pizza delivery while everyone else sticks to the main menu. No one should have to deal with hunger at a wedding. This consideration is a great step when learning how to plan a fun wedding.

No matter how many fun activities you plan, if people are hungry, or if the food is bad, they will likely not end up enjoying anything else. Apart from the regular food, you can also throw in a cocktail hour for your guests if the time allows. As they enjoy cocktails, you can also give them sandwiches and cheese platters.

Once you understand that people expect to eat well at weddings, you will take your time when learning how to plan a fun wedding. Depending on how far you are willing to go with your food planning, you can even throw in a sushi delivery for those guests that love sushi. At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure your guests are well-fed and ready to enjoy all the other activities that you have planned for them.

Make Sure You Can Dance

As people get older, they tend to neglect the little things that were fun. For instance, young people often go out dancing, and this can be loads of fun. Dancing is one of the activities that serve no other purpose but fun. If you can dance together, then you can laugh together and enjoy whatever you are doing. This is why you must make sure that everyone will want to dance at your wedding. This doesn’t only mean hiring the best DJ. You must also think about the dress codes when looking at how to plan a fun wedding. Make sure everyone wears simple wedding dresses that don’t stop them from getting on the dance floor.

Dancing allows your guests to enjoy themselves and cherish the moment. When people look back at the wedding photographs, they will certainly recall how much fun they had. You must never let one of the most romantic evenings or days pass by without having fun. Instead, get people dancing by creating the most relaxed and musical atmosphere. This means you must also be confident about your dancing skills on the big day. A good idea would be to take dancing lessons. This will enable you to be well prepared to show off on the dance floor. Of course, you need to have the instinct, but dancing lessons will get you into shape.

Always remember that apart from the food, dancing makes the wedding. Make sure the DJ, photographer, and wedding planners work together to ensure that the wedding dances are magical and captured. This is when you can tell you know how to plan a fun wedding.

Craft a Beautiful Venue

Your wedding venue is one of the most important elements of your special day. It has to be flawlessly beautiful if people are to have fun. Therefore you must make sure that both the exteriors and interiors are properly decorated. Don’t forget to hire a landscape service ahead of time so they can get the venue looking heavenly to help you find out how to plan a fun wedding. They can even work with arborists to make sure that every plant at your venue is looking as healthy as possible.

You must also make sure that the interiors are properly decorated. You can create a romantic ambiance using string lights that you can hang from the ceilings in the reception area. If your wedding is being hosted outdoors, you can also weave the lights through branches of trees to create a whimsical vibe.

Creative light is one of the hottest trends right now, so you must never overlook it at your wedding. You can also throw in some candles, tea lights, and neon lights to create a beautiful and memorable aesthetic. If you get the lighting right, everything else will fall into place for how to plan a fun wedding.

Apart from lighting, you can also make your venue stand out by using statement florals. For instance, you can work with the landscape service to create a greenery wall. Throwing in some trees will breathe fresh life into your venue. You can also use a greenery wall as a nice photo backdrop.

The most important thing when it comes to crafting a beautiful wedding venue is to plan ahead of time. Dashing all your decorative plans on the day of the wedding will not yield the results you want. By the time the day arrives, you should have planned and executed everything. The only thing that you can leave for the actual day is the finishing touches.

It’s also important to work with people who understand your vision when planning a fun wedding. Everyone must know where things go and what the general theme should be. To make sure everyone involved in decorating the venue understands what you want, hold a meeting and visit the venue together. You can share your Pinterest board with them as well so they can get the type of look you are going for. You can even create a sketch of the arrangement you have in mind so that you won’t be disappointed on an actual day.

Plan Fun Activities for the Bridal Party

A bridal party is the group of people who will usher the newlyweds into their soon-to-be-married life. On such a happy occasion, you must ensure that you plan some interesting and fun activities for this group of individuals. You need to find things that your attendees will be excited about to best learn how to plan a fun wedding.

You can research and find some games that the bridal party can do to keep things fun and interesting. This includes everything from icebreakers to competitions that encourage everyone to participate. Your games can be food-inspired, musical, or something else altogether. In some instances, you can even incorporate activities that are not wedding-related.

There are several games to choose from. For instance, you can do a cocktail competition. All you need is some cocktail ingredients and have the bridal party try their luck as mixologists. The competition is basically about people creating their signature drinks. Everyone will end up involved, and they will have fun.

The wedding party can also help with errands before the day of the wedding. This will put everyone in a wedding mood before the big day. For instance, some of them can be responsible for food-related tasks, and some can visit the embroidery company to get some nicely designed napkins for the wedding. Women can also spend some time together before the wedding day by visiting the blow dry bars to get their blowouts. Being part of these activities together before the big day will help ensure that everyone is ready to enjoy and have fun.

Customize Wedding Favors

Although the wedding day is mostly about the bride and groom, you must also consider the guests. Remember that guests are the ones who spark things up and make the wedding fun at the end of the day. Apart from that, they also show their support as you say your vows. This means you must do something to show your appreciation. One of the best ways to do so is to customize wedding favors. This will make the guests feel like you are grateful that they attended your wedding.

There are several ways to do this. For instance, you can consider picture framing your photos with your friends or family and giving them at your wedding together with the wedding favors. This will enable you to express your gratitude in a unique and personal manner. You can also include personalized messages for each guest so they feel noticed and valued for their contribution to your big day and in your life overall.

Create a Casual Atmosphere

If you want everyone to enjoy themselves on the day of the wedding, you can take a more relaxed approach to how things are done. Formality can be a little bit restrictive, and that’s probably why most weddings are becoming less and less formal. The majority of modern couples are being tempted to tie the knot in a less traditional environment. This makes the day a bit less formal for everyone, and the guests can focus on the couple’s personal wishes rather than the usual wedding activities and timetable.

For instance, instead of sitting in a row, you can consider other seating. To make the event more relaxed, ditch the tables and chairs. Instead, why not use bales of hay, beanbags, or cushions instead. You can even throw in some picnic blankets into the mix. If you still feel like having tables and chairs instead of the regular ones, you can use rustic seating. If you wonder how to plan a fun wedding, this is something to consider.

For the best and most relaxed dining plan, why not skip the formal dining plans and let people choose where they want to sit and eat. This means instead of regularly served food; you can go for a buffet restaurant type of vibe. People will thank you for this one.

To make things even more relaxed, you can allow your bridesmaids and guests to choose their dress code. This will make them feel more involved and comfortable as compared to choosing a dress code on their behalf and telling everyone to wear the same clothes. Instead, you can just give them some guidelines and then let them choose their outfits. For instance, you can let everyone choose their pastel dress of any style and length. This way, there will still be a bit of order but with variety.

Instead of sending invites that stipulate formal dress, you can let guests know that they are free to choose what they want. For instance, you can get the screen printing company to include something like ‘wear what you like!’ on your invites. You can, however, let them know the overall theme so they can choose something that matches it. For instance, you can recommend that people find vintage styles or outfits.

To create a casual environment, you can also ditch the bartenders. All you need to do is provide the drinks and let the guests help themselves. Just select an area to keep all the ice, beer, and wine, then let people know. However, you must remember to provide glasses, bottle openers, and paper towels. By doing things this way, your wedding will feel more like a party with friends, and this is exactly what you need if the wedding is to be fun.

These are some tips you can use to plan a fun wedding. What you need to remember when your goal is to plan a fun wedding is that your guests come first. If they are comfortable and entertained, everyone will have lots of fun at the wedding.