Microwave shielding

Many households all across the world have electronic devices within them. These innovations can help us find a location, talk to a loved one, and do just about everything in between. However, many people are unaware of the harm that they could be suffering by having electronic devices in their homes. It goes without saying that you won’t want to rid yourself of these devices but there is way to protect your cells from the electromagnetic fields caused by electronic devices. The damage done by EMF radiation can also produce overwhelming feelings of stress. In a 2012 study, it was revealed that constant EMF exposure created an environment of psychological stress in cells after only 1.5 years. In this post, we will discuss the effects of emf exposure on children, factors to determine your own personal emf exposure risk, and more information about emf shields.

Parents want their children to be safe and to grow in a healthy manner. However, with all of the electronic devices that surround our family, harmful EMF radiation is impeding how children develop. Studies show that children whose mothers used a cellular device during pregnancy birthed children with 25% more emotional problems, 35% more hyperactive tendencies, 49% more problems conducting themselves properly, and 34% more problems with peers. Needless to say, a growing number of parents are wanting to learn about blocking EMF and with good reason! A study that was done in 2010 determined that children ages 8 to 17 suffered from headache, irritation, and experienced concentration difficulties from only short-term EMF exposure. It is hard to imagine the suffering our children endure when they involuntarily undergo long-term EMF exposure.

Children can suffer with learning disabilities and other conditions, as they grow older. It is recommended that, when in the market for an EMF shielding device, you find one that is made for the specific condition(s) that your child has. For example, there is an EMF shield available for children who suffer from ADD/ADHD. However, this condition is just one of the many where specialized EMF shields have been made to help children’s specific needs. Parents who wanted to learn about blocking emf have ended up having great success by implementing emf shields into their home.

An important factor that determines what emf shield strength you need is how long you are on any given electronic device. Sadly, for most of us, computers and cell phones are how we get a large portion of our work done. In a typical workday, it is common to only leave your computer to go to lunch. However, when you are at lunch, you most likely use your cell phone. When you begin to think of how often you are on devices that omit radiation, it can seem more than a little scary. However, emf shield work well to limit the amount of radiation that you are receiving from electronic devices. You can quickly learn about blocking emf by setting up your own emf shield.

Another factor that can help you determine your optimal emf shield strength is how many electronic devices are in your home. A fact not commonly known is that cell phones omit radiation 24 hours day, even while they aren’t in use! When you consider that a large number of people either have their phone: in their hands, in their pocket, or up to the side of their head, you can see why an emf shield is so important. When you have the time walk around your home and count the number of electronic devices you have. Laptops and cell phones are the most commonly found emf radiation causing devices. Making matters worse, the higher number of emf omitting devices you have, the more radiation you are subjecting yourself and your family to.

In summary, the decision to learn about blocking emf could be one of the most beneficial you ever make. Those who are parents always want their children to be protected. However, emf radiation can start as early as when the child is in the womb and continue all throughout their lives. Statistics are showing that continued exposure to emf radiation can create a wide assortment of potential future mental ailments.

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