Mens reading glasses

If you have needed glasses for most of your life, then you may remember a time when it was not “cool,” to need corrective lenses. As a child, you might have made an extra effort to pick the most innocuous frame style available in the hopes that they would blend in, and no one would point them out. Today, eyeglasses are a unique fashion statement, and are so valued as accessories that even people who don’t need corrective lenses will purchase non prescription glasses to take advantage of them. If you are ready to embrace more unique frame styles, then you simply need to look for rimless glasses, cat eye frames, or spectacles online.

Spectacle Frames

If you look for spectacles online, you will find as wide a variety of frames as if you had just searched for eyeglasses. The reason for this is that spectacles are merely an antiquated term for eyeglasses, but the name still carries a certain connotation. When you think of spectacles, you probably think of perfectly round lenses. Nearly all early forms of eyeglasses were created this way, hence the association and misconception that spectacles are their own style of frames. If this is the frame shape that you are interested in, then search for round lenses as opposed to spectacles online and you will find frames that are closer to your vision of spectacles.

Retro Cat Eye Glasses

When cat eye frames are made for men, they are slightly understated, whereas when they are used for women’s glasses, the points are often more exaggerated, and more closely resembling cat’s eyes. Katie Holmes was recently spotted wearing cat eye sunglasses, and Katy Perry is well-known for her preference for the stand-out style. For a more genuinely retro look, opt for exaggerated frames that come to a sharp and dramatic point, and frames that feature bright colors in red, purple, or white.

Rimless Reading Glasses

Rimless glasses stand out simply because they are chosen less frequently and have a tendency to at times seem invisible. Without thick, visible frames, the glasses won’t pull attention away from your features, or define your field of vision so definitively. Rimless glasses have a timeless and classic appeal that make a more subtle statement than other frame styles. Silhouette is one brand of designer eye wear that specializes in creating high quality and sophisticated styles of rimless glasses.

In the second half of 2012, about 80% of people purchasing frames online indicated that they would be likely to do it again. Finding your perfect spectacles online, just the right shape of cat’s eye frames, or rimless glasses is easy when you have nearly every brand name under the sun to choose from. Many online retailers provide internet users with the option of virtually trying on glasses, so if you can’t make up your mind between these three styles, you can give each trend a try. Are you ready to make your glasses a feature of your own unique style?

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