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You have always enjoyed going to work because you love what you do, but until you opened your own hair salon shop you did not realize how much you would enjoy working for yourself. It was a major leap of faith when you decided to open your own hair salon shop at the beginning of 2017, but looking back on the last twelve months you do not have a single regret.
The problem with having a chair in someone else’s salon was that you were limited in the hours that you were able to provide services. The owners you had worked for in the past had always offered set hours that their employees had to follow. It was difficult, if not impossible, to get people in after hours and you often found yourself sitting in the shop on the slowest of days when you had no customers. The fact that you had to share walk in appointments with the other hair stylists on duty meant that even when their was traffic you could only share in a fraction of those profits.
With your own hair salon shop, however, you are able to be as flexible as you want in taking appointments. Likewise, if your children have a school program or sporting event that you want to attend, you can just make sure that you schedule around those events. You have the option of bringing in one or two other independent stylists if you want, but for now you are happy having the space to yourself. Fortunately, many of your former customers have followed you to your new location. Many of your customers have been coming to you for years for their sew in hair extensions and have indicated that they cannot imagine going to anyone else.
Hair Salon Shops Often Specialize in Specific Styles and Services

Whether you are a salon that offers hot fusion extensions or hair weaves, you likely have a group of customers who come to you year after year. In fact, customers who find a stylist that understands their specific needs are often more comfortable working with the same professional stylist instead of always having to reexplain what they need to a new stylist every visit.
The latest statistics indicate that one woman can have 104 different hairstyles during her lifetime. Fortunately, these women have many places that they can go to get those styles. In fact, the latest count indicated that there are 663,300 hair stylists in the U.S.

As more and more stylists take advantage of the opportunity to work on their own as opposed to working for someone else, clients may find that the schedules that are offered are even more flexible and accommodating.

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