Natural wood watches

Are you shopping for mens wood watches? When you gift a friend or loved one with mens wood watches, you give them a keepsake that they will always cherish. However, as you would expect, not all mens wood watches are created equally. If you want to end up with a all wood watch that will last a lifetime (and beyond), your mens wood watches might come with a hefty price tag. You want to make sure that the natural wood watches you are looking at are actually worth the money you’re going to spend on them. To ensure that you are investing in good quality products, before purchasing wooden wrist watches, make sure that you ask yourself the following questions:

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Wooden Watches for Men

  1. How long has the watch maker been in business?

    All watches need to be serviced from time to time. Even the most expensive and high quality watch in existence must be serviced in order to maintain its quality and precision. If you are investing in a wooden watch, it is likely because you want to have it for years and years (or you want the recipient of your gift to cherish it for a lifetime). This is only possible if the manufacturer is in business and can provide maintenance to the pieces they created.

    If a watch-maker has been in business for 15 years or less, you are taking a gamble that they’ll stay in the business and will be able to provide ongoing care and maintenance to your watch. If the watch maker has been in business for decades and decades, it’s a sign that they’re here to stay, and will be able to keep your wooden watch in great shape for as long as you have it.
  2. Does the wood watch shop you are visiting offer a diverse range of face options?

    At one point in time, if you’d seen one watch, you’d seen them all. This is not the case anymore. Now, newer watch technology enables wood watch makers to produce good quality watches with faces made of precious metals, such as gold and silver, at a reasonable cost.

    If the watch supplier you are working with offers a variety of watch faces with their wooden watches, it’s a good sign that they use cutting edge technology to provide you with quality and cost-effectiveness.
  3. Does the watch supplier offer adjustments on the spot?

    Some watch suppliers are just middle men: they get the wooden watches wholesale, and then markup the price and offer them to you. They don’t personally know anything about watches themselves. They’re just here to make a buck off of you. If this is the type of shop you are in, they most likely do not offer services like watch adjustments.

    However, if the watch supplier is in the business for the right reasons, they care about your watch and are qualified to provide the care you need, including watch adjustments.

  4. Does the watch retailer offer you instruction manual for care and usage?

    If you are making an investment in a watch, you want to purchase good quality, and get as much use out of it as you can. If the watch that you purchase is a knockoff from China, the retailer who pedals it to you is not going to care if it functions as it should, and offer no guarantees on their product. When you purchase a good quality wooden watch, it’s going to come with an instruction booklet that explains how to take good care of it so that it lasts forever, and how to adjust the time. The takeaway here is that you should always request to review the instruction manual before you purchase a watch. If the provider doesn’t have one, keep moving.

  5. Can you read about the wood watches in advance?

    If you are purchasing a knockoff wood watch, the supplier of them doesn’t want you to know what you’re looking at. The more you know, the less you’ll have any desire to own their product. If the watch manufacturer you are looking at is eager to direct you to the website or other content about the quality of their watches, it’s a good sign that their products are good quality.

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