Event planners

Planning a wedding is a huge task. You are considering and planning every single detail of the day. You will find that problems and stresses come up during the process. You will also find that the planning of a single day in your life takes up much more time than you could have ever expected. You have probably heard about event planners but assumed that you could not afford one or that they were not worth the cost. Event planners and full production weddings companies actually have a lot of value when it comes to wedding planning. These are just some of the tasks that event planners can assist you with.

Save you valuable venue time when booking
Think of your wedding venue as the base of your wedding. You cannot really plan much else, including the food, photographer, DJ, music, decorations, or colors until you have a venue booked. Additionally, venues book up sometimes years in advance, making it even harder to find one that you like that also have an open date. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to book your wedding reception venue as soon as possible, at least a year to nine months before the wedding date. Because this task is time sensitive, it is valuable to have your event planner to recommend, view, and make arrangements with the venue.

Coordinate all of your vendors
Full production weddings deal with many vendors. You could deal with numerous vendors before and during your wedding. If each vendor requires assistance or requests payment during the receptions, you will have little time to actually enjoy your wedding day. Your event planner acts as a coordinator of these different vendors. They handle payment, questions, and any problems that might arise. You, however, get to enjoy this special day and avoid the common stresses of working with so many vendors.

They will handle all the smaller details
With so many details being a part of a wedding, it is easy to forget some of them. Your event planner is constantly planning weddings and they usually have detailed organization plans in place to remember these small details. You won?t have to worry about forgetting to send stamps with the invitations or forgetting to invite your cousin?s husband to the rehearsal dinner. Not only is your event planner prepared for these kinds of small details, but they are also familiar with wedding etiquette. This can help you make decisions when it comes to many of the smaller details of the wedding.

Assist with menu creation
Menu creation is a very important and complex part of the wedding planning process. Not only do you have to choose a menu that meets your wedding theme, but you also have to attempt to accommodate as many guests? dietary needs as possible. Catered weddings are often expected at full production weddings. With over half (56%) of all brides dedicated to providing excellent food at their wedding, your menu is an important decision. Event planners have attended hundreds of weddings and they are aware of the best food items to serve and of which food alternatives to use for dietary restrictions. Your event planner will work closely with your venue and chef to create a menu that is impressive and inclusive.

They will manage the time
With so many vendors and events throughout the day, time management is important. Being late to one part of the wedding day can throw off the entire day and can leave you feeling rushed. Full production weddings include getting ready, the ceremony, photographs, the reception, dinner, and the sendoff. Your event planner will be invaluable in ensuring that the events of the day happen when planned.

About 50% of women find planning their wedding more stressful than they imagined. If you prefer to enjoy your wedding day rather than deal with vendors and time management problems, consider hiring an event planner. Event planners offer many valuable services to the couple that allows them to better enjoy both the planning process and the actual wedding day.

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