School spirit wear shirts

If you’re interested in fundraising, there are a lot of ways to go about it. From schools to businesses, communities, and charities, fundraising ideas are needed everywhere. About 98% of parents report that their children’s schools are raising money, and 40% said those fundraising efforts happened regularly. When it comes to school, fundraising provides $1.4 billion worth of team uniforms, computer lab equipment, field trips, and other programs and services. One of the best ways of fundraising is through apparel fundraising, and particularly fundraising t shirts. T shirts are very popular wardrobe items, and 62% of us have more than 10 in our closets. If you’re planning some fundraising t shirts, read on for four tips about how to do it right.

Choose Fundraising T Shirts that Are Universal

If you’re raising money for a school, for example, choose events that appeal to as many students or family members as possible. Prom is mainly for juniors and seniors, but spring break and championship games are for everyone. You’ll also want a design that appeals to both girls and boys.

Make the Order Forms Easy to Fill Out

If forms are confusing, you’re just made more work for yourself and possibly alienated potential buyers who were on the fence anyway. Make sure it covers everything, too, like how people will pay, sizes, when the payment is due, when the fundraising t shirts will arrive, and who to make checks out to.

Do Yourself a Favor and Make Copies of Forms

Make a copy of every order and you’ll likely never have to worry about a rude or disgruntled customer. There will be a copy to keep and one to send along with every order so that it if you do make a mistake it will be clear right away.

Plan What to Do With Everything in Advance

This includes your helpers, your profits, and your extras. When the fundraising t shirts arrive, know who is going to do what, and have a system in place so that everyone knows their job and everything gets checked and then checked again. Also, plan out what you’re going to do with the profits in advance so you don’t accidentally spend more than you brought in. Finally, have a plan for dealing with the extra shirts that are leftover.

Whatever your reason for fundraising, a school t shirt fundraiser or other project can be a great way to raise awareness, promote group spirit, and bring in extra funds for your needs.

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