T shirt embroidery

Americans love t-shirts. At least 90% of us have one t-shirt that they refuse to part with because of its sentimental value. More than 95% of like wearing t-shirts. Given the overwhelming popularity of these items, it should come as no surprise that promotional t-shirts often are great marketing tools.

  1. Make your promotional t-shirts wearable. You get mileage from your custom compressed t-shirts when people wear them. If you make up a bunch, give them out and they then sit in people’s closets, they are doing you no good. You need people to wear them when they are out and about. That is how your message gets spread to others. Everyone wants to spend less on their t-shirt printing services but you end up wasting all of the money that you spend on your promotional t-shirts when they do not get worn anywhere.
  2. Look to retail companies for inspiration. Look at the colors, styles and other attributes of popular retail t-shirts when you are designing your promotional t-shirts. You want to design something that people will want to wear. Shirts with a general, simple crew neck are always in vogue but there may be other trends in t-shirts that you can incorporate when you are designing your shirts. Look to what is working for retailers and you will develop something that can work for you and your campaign.
  3. Consider a collection. When you are designing your promotional t-shirt, think of ways you can use that design for other apparel and items. Maybe you can also have custom promotional towels. When Jon Stewart had his rally on the national mall, they gave these away and they were a big hit. Think about creating fleeces to go along with your t-shirts. Having a line of products can increase people’s options and be a lot of fun.
  4. Go with lightweight fabrics. People prefer to wear t-shirts that are made from a lighter material. You need to keep this in mind when you are designing your shirts. You so not want your graphics to require a heavier fabric than you want to use. Again, you need people to want to wear your promotional t-shirts. If you sacrifice wearability, you will lose a lot of value in your promotional t-shirts. Look to organic inks as a way to keep your t-shirts light and more comfortable.
  5. Give away some of your stuff. If you are planning to sell your promotional clothing, and this is an option, you should still give some away. This is a good way to start to spread the word about you and your brand and your message. if you have lightweight, comfortable shirts that are printed with organic ink, when people see and feel your product, they may be more likely to buy it. This is one great way to showcase the quality of the items you sell. If you just want to spread the word about an idea, a brand or a person, giving great t-shirts away can be a great marketing tool. Everyone who wears your shirts will be like a small billboard for your brand.
  6. Think about your brand. You need all of your promotional materials to have the same messaging. This goes for your online materials such as your website, your social media posts and streams and your print materials or ad campaigns. When you make up promotional t-shirts, you need to keep your other messaging in mind. Any materials that do not echo your overall messaging and brand work against it and you. This is the last thing you want to do.
  7. Consider humor with your t-shirts but be careful. If you are looking for a niche audience, you may be ok with an inside joke on your promotional t-shirt. If you want to attract a larger audience, you have to be more careful. Of course, you may end up offending someone, no matter what you do but you have to be ok with that. Any controversy should be something you plan for but cannot let it deter you totally from your goals. Funny, witty and clever t-shirts can get people talking about your, shirts and brand may be what you want.


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