Hair styling

It?s your crowning glory and there?s no doubt that that the look of your hair affects your mood and self confidence. A good hair day is a good day, and conversely a bad hair cut can ruin a day or a week. For 2018, it?s easier than ever to have a good hair day. A sneak peek at trending styles shows that the look is natural, free and easy. On the runways, in the salons and on the fashion pages, braids, loose updos and buns or pixie cuts are everywhere.

Hair care: salon or home?
Did you know that there are more beauty salons than movie theaters in the country? With 360,000 locations in the U.S. and revenues worth $150 billion worldwide, the hair styling and beauty industry makes a major contribution to the economy. In fact the U.S. alone accounts for half of the total worldwide revenues. Nearly a third of the population, or 100 million Americans visit salons for hair cuts and coloring each month.
That?s not to say that women don?t spend any time on hair care at home. About three hours each week are spent on washing, blowdrying and styling hair. While there?s no clear cut answer to the question of whether the hair salon or home is better suited for hair care, the most practical answer is that a combination of the two works best.

Getting a new style or color at the salon
The salon is a good place for that trending hair cut or color. If you want to change your look, with a new length or color, it?s a good idea to talk to a stylist you can trust and have them create a style or color that you can maintain at home by yourself. Your stylist and colorist will be happy to give you detailed instructions and advice on how to maintain your style and color at home.
A new style doesn?t have to be a drastic departure from your previous look. Sometimes a small change is all that?s needed to find the style that suits your face, style or even age. Looking ahead to the trending styles for 2018, a natural, easy, flowing look predominates.

2018 trends: the long and the short of it
On the runways for Spring 2018, from the pages of hallowed fashion magazines like Harpers Bazar and Redbook, and in the salons, some trends are emerging for the approaching year. Here?s a quick peek at what?s new for 2018.
Well, ok, headbands aren?t exactly new, but they?re back. If you haven?t worn one since high school, you?ll be pleasantly surprised at how practical and comfortable they are.
Extra: hair accessories like jeweled barrettes and pins have been spotted on the red carpet. If your inner romantic has been struggling to break free, this is the time.
Natural waves
Long hair is worn in natural waves, floating loose. Sometimes with bangs, which are also making a comeback.
Loose braids and updos
When you need to tie up your hair to beat the heat or to get it out of the way, a loose braid or updo is the look of the moment.
Bobs and pixies
Neat, blunt cut bobs and uneven pixies are the style for short hair in the coming year.
Deep side part
Designers and stylists are sending models out with deep side partings. It?s undoubtedly a good thing for your hair to take a break from it?s normal style, but we?re not so sure about how it looks.

Hair styling and hair cuts are best done in the salon, where you will also get instructions for care and maintenance at home. With the fun and flowing styles trending for 2018, hair care at home will be a breeze.

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