Society, as it is now, is growing more and more sedentary every year. Side down, lie down, sleep, we are constantly being encouraged to cede control and stay still while the world around us moves faster and faster. But we don’t have to give up that control if we don’t want to. Staying active, getting out, making a positive action oriented difference to your lives or the lives of people around is important and it doesn’t take much to get started. It might seem scary or intimidating, at first, to get where you want to go. On the threshold of being more active there’s a fear that it will too exhausting or too complicated for you to grasp more effectively. There’s always a fear that it’s just going to be too much and you’ll somehow regret trying to get out there. But you should never let that hold you back from doing something that you know is good for you. Take, for example, the story of a hypothetical secretary. Now, this secretary, let’s call him John, does his job well but he’s quickly finding that it’s not enough to keep him fulfilled. He has to sit for a lot of the day and it’s taking a toll on his back, his mood. Being so sedentary all is hard and, frankly, we aren’t made for it. We’re made to be up and about, to be active. John decides he needs to get more active somehow but the problem is that he isn’t sure how. He knows there are several options he just doesn’t know which one to choose. He can’t figure out which one is the right one for him and this causes him to hesitate in the face of a big wall of doubt. What should Jon do about this? How should he respond to this doubt and what outdoor activity should he choose to be his first?
Hunting and Hunting Gear
One of the first activities John considers is hunting in the woods nearby his home. This is definitely a good choice but it does require a little bit of preparation beforehand. For example, he is going to need to go to a store and find the right hunting gear for him. Some non hunters might not know this but there are several different types of hunting gear to choose from. This means that John will have to choose from these sets and decide which one suits him best. Archery gear or adventure gear might be enticing to him at first but he’ll need to remember his archery lessons from high school and that might take some time. John seriously considers this option so he goes to his local sporting goods store and asks about hunting gear. They give him the options and he decides that the standard hunting gear will be a good fit. He then chooses what he wants and goes on his way.
Rock Climbing and Rock Climbing Gear
Let’s backtrack a bit and head back to the time when John is making his decision. Maybe he decides to try rock climbing instead so he starts to research what rock climbing entails and how to go about getting started. Rock climbing requires just as much gear as hunting but takes a little less time to do. He reads up on the different shoes and harnesses he is going to need as well as different brands of rock climbing equipment. He even goes to the sporting goods store and asks if they have rock climbing lessons which they do. It’s good exercise, after all, so in this timeline John decides to go for it.
Other Activities
There are plenty of other outdoor activities John could potentially consider as well. Fly fishing, hiking, rafting. The outdoors are a big place and there’s an activity for everyone, whether it be thrilling, gentle or somewhere in between. John might decide to try scuba diving, for example, which is more thrilling but takes lessons and a lot of safety to do effectively. No matter what John chooses, he knows it will be good for him in the long run. He just needs to get out.