Have you ever been presented with an acrylic award that you have hanging on your wall or gracing your shelf? How often have you stared at it, wondering just how it was made? This informative video provides the answer to that question and shows how endless the possibilities for specialty acrylic awards really are.

Through a multi-step process, factories can create beautiful, artistic sculptures personalized to both the company presenting the acrylic award and the employee receiving it.

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Several hours and a great deal of precision go into every award. It begins with casting a base in a disposable mold and allowing it to harden. Additional layers are poured one by one as any special effects or new colors are added.

After the last layer has hardened, the mold is cured, sanded down, buffed, and polished to create the finished product. Any engraving is then added to personalize the acrylic award. Specialty shapes, such as spheres, are created using a computer-guided process to ensure precision and perfection.

Dive deeper into this mesmerizing process by watching this video. The next time you’re presented with an award, you’ll know just how it came to be.