Blu moon

If you think of shopping and Southern California in the same thought, you would be forgiven for thinking consumerist sameness. Los Angeles was the birthplace of the shopping mall, consumerism, and the monotony that went with it. Yet there is a new type of shopping in Southern California. Blue Life shopping, epitomized by a few boutique stores, are what trendy locals and sophisticated tourists shop in. These Blue life stores sell a unique blend of California, mixing fashion forwardness with its laid back attitude. With Blue Life, you will truly stand out down there.

As mentioned, Southern California was a very different place before Blue Life appeared. In fact, Southern California started the consumerist rot that decayed the rest of the United States. The Crenshaw Center, opening in Los Angeles in 1947, was the first structure Americans could identify as a shopping mall. Sadly, it did not become its last. Los Angeles became a string of shopping malls, shopping centers, mini marts, and otherwise bland consumerist culture.

This image of the greater Los Angeles area began to change in the 1990s. In 1995, Blue Life began selling bohemian clothing from its store in Malibu. Since then, the Blue Life movement has spread. From its humble beginnings, Planet blue has also opened stores in Santa Monica, Venice, and now Beverly Hills. Other Blue Life imitators have sprung up.

What, exactly, is Blue Life? Blue Life, like its counterpart Blu moon, is a series of clothes native to Southern California. Mostly custom designed, Blue Life is of a quality that you could not find in, say, a department store at a mall.

Blue Life is distinctly from Southern California. Locals love the ease and trendiness Blue Life clothing has. Tourists love the distinctive Southern California stamp. So the next time you do go to Southern California, see what such boutiques are down there. You may be surprised to learn that you like California.

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