How to Make the Most of Flower Delivery and Florists

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    Humanity has a strong relationship with plants of all kinds. Some are used for construction, such as hardwood trees and bamboo, while many others are eaten. Flowers, meanwhile, have long since stood as a type of plant valued for imagery and meaning, and for many millennia, flowers have been significant for not just decorations and personal gifts but also for symbols. The famous War of the Roses is just one example, and in some Asian cultures, flowers are used as symbols of royalty or divine right. Today, flowers have many meanings around the world, ranging from the romantic love connotations of the red rose to the innocence and purity of the daisy. Today, the flower industry is a big one, and some major uses for decorative, well-grown flowers include weddings, funerals, and holidays such as St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, and a florist near you can help provide bouquets as needed. Getting flowers delivered is a major aspect of preparing for a wedding, for example, and the family members of a recently deceased individual will appreciate the on-time delivery of funeral flowers. How can one pick wedding bouquets and centerpieces, for example, and get everything ready on time?

    The Florist Industry Today

    Flower arrangements, spring wedding flowers, and more can be done with the assistance of a local florist, and together, they and flower delivery represent a major industry today. In fact, this industry brings in $7 billion in revenue every year, and it is enjoying some growth, too. From 2009 to 2014, for a recent example, it grew 0.6% per year, and this growth may continue well into the future. Some 36.316 florist businesses can be found across the United States today, and together, they employ a total of 90,427 people from coast to coast. Major holidays represent spikes in flower sales, which may not come as a surprise. For Mother’s Day, for example, some $1.9 billion is spent 0on flowers, and on Valentine’s Day, men will represent 73% of flower customers, often buying bouquets for their girlfriends or wives, while 14% of women in fact buy flowers and send those bouquets to themselves on that holiday. Flowers are well-known to be a positive gift to send on these and other occasions; 88% of surveyed people said that receiving flowers changes their mood for the better, and a huge 99% of those surveyed said that someone who gives flowers is thoughtful. Flowers can also be a desirable surprise gift, often given outside of typical flower holidays like St. Valentine’s Day. 83% of people surveyed said that they like to receive unexpected gifts of flowers. How else can these decorative, fragrant plants be used?

    Other Times for Flowers

    Flowers are also central to modern funerals, and they can help soften the mood and certain flowers have been established to have meanings of comfort and acceptance in a time of loss. Often, flowers may be placed in arrangements during a wake, and they may be deposited in bouquets or single flowers at a gravestone, a memorial shrine, or near the casket during an open-casket event. This can show love for the deceased’s memory.

    Meanwhile, weddings are a major time for flowers, and the job to pick wedding bouquets and centerpieces may fall to the bride, her friends, or a hired wedding planner. The person who must pick wedding bouquets and centerpieces will want to consult a florist who is situated near the wedding venue, and to pick wedding bouquets and centerpieces is to check local florists for quality. Weddings and flowers are beautiful and fun, but no one should neglect the basic logistics of all this. Florists are businesses, and some may be more reputable or reliable than others, and even the best ones may have a full customer list already. To pick wedding bouquets and centerpieces, a person from the wedding party should get customer reviews for local florists to see how well they work, as well as see if the florist is available to deliver the desired flowers to the venue on time. A good florist will take good care of the flowers and keep them in great shape until the big day.

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