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The space under the trees in your home are packed with presents. More so, in fact, than any other year.
Of all of the gifts that are gathered under the tree, though, there is one gift that you are certain will attract the most attention on Christmas morning. The package may not be the biggest or the most elaborately decorated, but the solitaire engagement ring will be a huge hit. Not only for your girlfriend of three years, but for all of the family members who will be present as well.
Not every proposal can work on a Christmas morning, but for you this is a perfect setting. Your soon to be fiance and her family have long been a part of your family’s Christmas traditions. As across the street neighbors, your two families have spent many Christmas mornings together. Alternating between houses each year, in fact, Santa has even been known to make an appearance at the Christmas morning gathering of your two families. And while you and your girl friend have not always dated, no one in your family was surprised when you announced the change in your relationship.

When you go to bed on Christmas Eve, you will not spend any time wondering about any of the gifts that you will be given. Instead, all of your focus, and your excitement, will be concentrated on the solitaire engagement ring gift that you will be presenting.
Jewelry Gifts Are Popular Items During the Holidays

Although only 3% of women want their engagement to take place in front of a large crowd, there are many more brides who want to share their big news with their closest friends and family. And even if an engagement ring is not the jewelry that you are giving this holiday season, there are many more items that you can purchase at a jewelry store that will be very popular. From pearl necklaces to birthstone rings, there are many jewelry gifts that you can present to your loved one this holiday season.

Nearly 38 million Americans will buy fine jewelry or watches in any given year, and it should come as no surprise that many of these gifts are a part of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. And while the industry claims there are four factors that determine the value of a diamond, many nervous boyfriends are hoping to add Christmas to the list of color, carat, clarity, and cut for attributes that add value to the solitaire engagement ring that they plan to present!

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