String lights

Your new Christmas decor, lights and holiday wreathes provide a focal point in holiday decorating, but they also represent a changing trend towards the use of LED Christmas lights. You can choose the optimum LED Christmas lights and related decorations with some simple research that takes into account your individual situation.

Are you looking for something that does more than run up the electric bill? Christmas yard decorations and string lights are now much more efficient thanks to their reduced energy consumption. LED Christmas lights can consume about 90 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. Your next Christmas might be much more efficient if you know to look for LED Christmas lights as part of your decorating strategy. A quick examination of your LED icicle lights and LED Xmas lights can help to make sure they are not energy hogs like the older lights were. As an added bonus, the LED Christmas lights can be safer because they can use break resistant plastic bulbs as a result of generating less heat.

Does your home have other means of night time lighting available? Whether during the holidays or other times, using landscape lighting can serve as a deterrent against burglars and help with unlit or poorly lit walkways and sidewalks. The safety of those entering and exiting your home will be enhanced by night time illumination, especially in the form of LED Christmas lights.

Afraid they do not fit with your decorating style? Electric holiday lights have been in use since at least 1882 when Edward Johnson, the assistant for Thomas Edison, came up with the idea. They began to appear more frequently in 1890 when mass production began. In the 1900s an electrically lit Christmas tree was viewed as a status symbol, in fact lights were typically rented because of the high cost. These days you can find LED Christmas lights that fit with your personal style. That could mean choosing simple white lights or going with flashy, colorful lights that reflect your preferences. Read more blogs like this.

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