Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads and other promotional messages on a daily basis. Recent data shows that this amounts to an average of 3,000! Even though a substantial percentage of these ads and promotional messages may be encountered via print media, other consumers are exposed through watching television, listening to the radio, or while surfing the Internet. There are, of course, other ways to enhance brand recognition and increase sales through a wide variety of promotional items.

Promotional Product Usage and Display

A recent survey explored the various types of promotional products and the frequency with which they’re used or displayed. In addition to 53% of the participants indicating that they used a promotional item a minimum of once per week, the survey revealed that consumers had at least one of these items located in the following areas:

  • Kitchen: 91%
  • Personal workspace: 74%
  • Bedroom: 55%

When consumers have a favorite brand, they will tend to enjoy using or displaying it. Furthermore, when these items have a purpose or are otherwise functional, they will tend to use them on a regular basis.

Popular Branded Promotional Apparel and Products

Even though people’s needs and/or preferences may change on occasion, these are considered to be their most popular product categories:

  • Wearables
  • Writing instruments
  • Bags
  • Calendars
  • Drinkware

T-shirts are just one of the popular types of wearable promotional products. Americans love their T-shirts, particularly when they have cool designs or emblems, such as custom woven patches. A survey showed that many people within this country have quite the T-shirt collection. Approximately 62%, for example, stated that they owned more than ten T-shirts. When tallying this all up, it amounts to wardrobes throughout the country being filled with about 1.5 billion of these types of shirts.

Learn More About T Shirt Printing and Other Promotional Product Lines

Even though your company may advertise its brand in a variety of venues, have you considered the benefits of branded promotional apparel and products? You may, for example, be interested in having a unique image or company logo silkscreened onto a T-shirt. In addition to t shirt printing, embroidered labels and custom woven patches may also appeal to your company and more importantly, your customer base. Once you contact a representative to learn more about your options, just imagine how your brand will experience an increased presence and sales with a custom t shirt design or two.