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A scratched sunglass lens is the epitome of frustration, especially when it’s part of a brand new pair of favorite designer shades. What’s possibly more frustrating is the fact that most people don’t know how to fix scratched sunglasses. Instead, they just shell out for another $300 pair that will inevitably meet the same tragic end in a matter of months.

Fortunately, learning how to fix scratched sunglasses, or even to replace sunglass lenses, is not all that difficult. We’ll cover both solutions here.

How to Fix Scratched Sunglasses

Method One: Wood Cleaner and Liquid Petroleum Jelly

Spray the cleaner onto your lenses and then wipe it off, following up with liquid petroleum jelly to fill the scratches. Wipe away the liquid petroleum with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Method Two: Brass or Silver Polish

Rub the polish around your glasses and then wipe it away with a clean, soft rag. Repeat until the scratch disappears.

Method Three: DVD Repair Spray

Spray the cleaning spray that comes with DVD repair kits onto your lenses, then wipe it away with a soft rag.

Method Four: Non-Abrasive Toothpaste

Use a cotton ball to rub non-abrasive, non-minty, non-whitening toothpaste into the scratch, then wipe it away with cool water. Deep scratches might need a few applications.

Method Five: Baking Soda and Water

Mix the ingredients into a thick paste and rub it onto your lenses with a cotton ball. When the scratch is gone, rinse the paste away with cool water.

Method Six: Vehicle Wax

Use your finger to rub wax onto your lenses in a circular motion for several minutes, or until the scratch disappears. Wipe away excess with a soft cloth.

Method Seven: Water-Repellant Windshield Cleaner

Spray it on and wipe it with a soft cloth to take care of very small scratches or blemishes. This will also prevent fogging and will repel water.

Method Eight: Glass Etching Abrasive

If your glasses don’t have an anti-reflective coating, pick up the abrasive at a craft store and apply it with rubber gloves. Wipe it away with a soft cloth.

How to Replace Sunglass Lenses

Sunglass lens replacement is the next most inexpensive way of dealing with a scratch, as long as you go about it the right way. While designers will charge an arm and a leg for a pair of new lenses, there are a few companies specializing in aftermarket lenses who sell high quality products at a fraction of the price charged by big names like Ray Ban and Oakley. As long as you know the model name of your glasses and the width in millimeters of the lens at its widest point, you can order a fresh pair of lenses that can either be installed by the company or installed by you at home.

A scratched lens is certainly no fun, but once you’ve figured out how to fix scratched sunglasses and found a good provider of replacement sunglass lenses, you’ll find that it isn’t exactly a tragedy. Save a little money and rehabilitate them. It’s easier than you think! Get more info here.

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