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What’s one of the highlights of a good party? A tasty round of appetizers certainly doesn’t hurt. A good furniture set-up is certainly a way to make a strong first impression. Ask anyone what they often come away with after attending a wedding, birthday party or corporate event and you’ll often hear…music. Who doesn’t love a fun beat to get their heart pounding and their blood pumping? DJ entertainment is a tried-and-tested way of setting the mood and bringing people together through the art of sound.

Knowing you need a NJ wedding DJ is one thing. Embracing it is something else entirely.

What’s The Origin Of The DJ?

Short for ‘disc jockey’, the DJ craft has been around for decades and has created an entire culture dedicating to remixing and promoting music at all sorts of events. Each country has its own unique approach to sound mixing and editing, though the United States still boasts one of the liveliest representations of the craft. No matter where you go, you’ve likely ran into a DJ or been exposed to their work — weddings, birthday parties, fundraisers, corporate events, private clubs, bars, bachelorette parties, you name it!

What Does A DJ Do?

Not sure what a DJ is supposed to do? There’s no shame in asking a few questions. In fact, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the art of providing the backbeat for a party. A DJ doesn’t usually perform music, but rather, takes pre-existing music and mixes it up according to the needs of the venue. This can mean providing soothing music for a slow dance or creating a mixture of lively hip-hop for the main event. Some DJs prefer to specialize, such as a NJ wedding DJ or sweet 16 DJ.

What Other DJ Entertainment Is Provided?

Not only can you offer your event lively music to get the party started, your DJ can also provide other services. Some DJs are also rappers, vocalists and instrumentalists, providing every single performance with a unique touch that can’t be replaced. Yet others are focused in specific industries, offering a specific mood to perfectly fit a first-time wedding or seasonal office party. Your DJ company will be happy to, quite literally, entertain your every whim to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

What Music Choices Best Suit A Wedding?

Planning a wedding is hard enough. Why not hand off your music responsibilities to a professional to take off some of the stress? A NJ wedding DJ will be caught up on all the latest music to turn heads during the reception. This means dipping into the top 500 charts and providing the very best in pop, rock, hip-hop, house and club. For those that want to go a bit more classic you can always request a classic playlist or personal set to be rotated throughout the evening.

It’s not a secret formula. It’s just bringing people together for a good time with some good vibes. A custom DJ package could be just what your event is missing.
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