Types of metallic temporary tattoos

Tattoos are far more common than during previous decades, going from a sure indicator of a questionable past to mainstream personal choice. Tattoo conventions are held all over the world, and currently, 29% of Americans admit to having a tattoo. However, of that 29%, one-quarter regret their decision to get the tattoo in the first place. That brings up a question that many tattoo enthusiasts might mock but is valid nonetheless. Are temporary tattoos a better option? This article will compare the two options, letting you see the positives and negatives, of each option.

Permanent Tattoos

In order for a tattoo to be permanent, an artist implants the pigments, in the design of your choice, in the skin using a needle. With these types of tattoos, a person has the ability to customize their design as much as their imagination, and the artist?s skill will allow. The design will not disappear after a few showers and often possesses great meaning to the person who gets it. However, the lack of fading is a negative attribute for some. Getting rid of a permanent tattoo is painful and costly. Also, there are risks when first having the work done. In particular, infection and skin reactions to the pigments are common, with 10% of all those who get this type of tattoo reporting similar reactions.

Temporary Tattoos

The FDA defines temporary tattoos as decals used to decorate an individual?s body that lasts approximately one to seven days. No one will have any cause to regret glitter temporary tattoos like they would with the permanent option. However, no true permanent alternative for glitter temporary tattoos exists, and that is a sad thing for glitter enthusiasts. Temporary tattoo manufacturers have grown sophisticated over the years, offering far more options than were once available. In addition to the glitter temporary tattoos, you will also find metallic temporary tattoos, as well as the ability to order custom designs. They do fade, as was stated, but given they are most popular with kids, that hardly counts as a negative factor.
Naturally, the type of tattoo someone selects will depend entirely on personal preference and needs. However, for kids everywhere, and many adults too, temporary tattoos offer just the right amount of decoration, with no laser surgery to remove them. If that sounds right for you, look up the options available from temporary tattoo companies and see what appeals to you.

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