Military camo bedding

Pink camouflage. You can stop laughing now. It is actually quite the fashion statement, both on the fashion runways as well as on the pages of glossy fashion magazines. Again, stop laughing. We are not talking about pink camouflage taking over from the traditional hunting and military camo.

Now, of course, hunters and the military were perhaps the first to employ the use of camo. The word camouflage comes from the French word camoufler, which means to blind or disguise. To this end, camo is design to disrupt the vision and confuse the brain, which allows a person to disguise himself or herself. While not pink camouflage, U.S. troops during the Gulf War did use colorful names for their camouflage. “Cookie dough” and “chocolate chip” were the nicknames for this desert camo.

The most popular camo pattern currently in use is the U.S. Woodland pattern, and is used in traditional military camouflage clothing. Also, hunting enthusiasts also like to use this pattern as well.

However, it is that pink camouflage and other camo colors that are showing up at fashion shows and on the red carpet. You can even find medical professionals donning pink camouflage scrubs. Outdoor enthusiasts are wearing pink camo fleece jackets and even designer bathing suits created from pink camouflage fabric.

There are even many couples who are holding camouflage themed wedding events. They are wearing camo wedding dresses, using camo decorations, and camo formal wear. These are especially popular with couples who are hunters and outdoors people.

While pink camouflage may be all the rage, it might just not be your favorite color. No need to stress. There are many other bright camouflage colors available in addition to pink camouflage. Of course, you have the regular camo colors of browns, black, and shades of green. However, there are bold bright colors include purples, reds, and blues. You can even find yellows and greens that can accentuate your clothing picks.

You probably will not be covering your truck seats with pink camouflage for that next hunting trip; but you may just find some great clothing for your next evening out. Stroll through your favorite clothing retailer, or check out your favorite online stores, and see all the camo clothing options. air max damen air max damen air max damen