Restoring photos

Are you one of those individuals who treasure their family photos more than any other possessions? You’re in good company, because almost one-in-four Americans say their photos are even more important to them than other documents, including birth certificates and Social Security cards.

It’s amazing to consider that over 3.5 trillion photos have been taken since the photograph was invented 186 years ago. More recently, in 2014, over 880 billion photos were taken, according to Yahoo!

Do you know where all your family photos are? Are they organized in boxes? In albums? Framed?

When 250 parents were surveyed, 44% said that they weren’t sure where all their children’s photos were. Furthermore, 52% said they hadn’t organized or preserved them, and 47% said that they hadn’t actually considered how to best share these photos with their children–especially when they’re older.

Even though approximately half of all Americans surveyed know it’s a good idea to digitize their documents, they still believe paper will continue to be available.This holds true for printed photos as well. Regardless of whether paper is here to stay, the best way to preserve photos is to have then scanned to create digitized photo albums.

Do you have old black-and-white photos that belonged to your parents or grandparents? You can take them to an old photo restoration service and have them restored. Just imagine all the wonderful memories that will surface when you look through these images in a digitized photo album.

If your photos are all in boxes, how often do you open them? Do you know if they’re organized by year, by holiday celebrations or other special events? Does each one of your children have their own separate box–or boxes–of photos?

Are you scanning your photographs yourself? It can be quite the task. . .Why not take them to a professional photo scanning shop? They can scan them and your slides as well. Then you can have them all organized and available to look at on your computer and mobile devices, such as your phone and tablet.

Another benefit when you digitize photo album is the ease with which you can share it with family and friends. A digitize photo album is also a wonderful way to begin a family genealogy project.

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