Private jet charter companies

Most travelers are only familiar with one way to fly. Commercial airlines are what most of us know to be the way to travel to destinations near and far for business or pleasure. In First Class you will find the nicest accommodations, which might include more leg room, tastier meals, and more personal attention from flight attendants. And frequent travelers have access to lounges or other amenities that airline companies offer at major airport hubs. But beyond that, there is yet another way to travel, and that’s with a charter jet company.
Charter jet companies offer the following services and advantages:
Management of a Company or Personal Private Jet
Jet management services include keeping jets secured and maintained at their hangar. A jet charter service will provide scheduling, cleaning, flight crew and maintenance for a company or private jet. They can handle the details so you can focus on business. In fact, when flying a company-operated aircraft, the passengers spend about 36% of their time meeting with colleagues and 30% doing their own individual work. Those flying a private aircraft responded in a survey that they get more work done when on a private charter. They said their work productivity was 20% more. Employees flying commercially reported a 40% drop.
Empty Leg Flight
An empty leg flight is one where a private jet has been booked one-way only and has room on its return flight to the hangar. A business or individual can take advantage of that private jet empty leg for an extremely good value. Flying privately has so many more advantages over commercial airlines. Work productivity, as mentioned previously, is one of those advantages for both employees and employers.
Safe, Luxurious and Spacious Aircraft
Private charter jets are carefully maintained and serviced to meet all federal safety measures. These luxurious crafts offer business and travel passengers personal attention and privacy in their local or international flights.
Access to Smaller Airports
The 2,100 charter operators in this country have the ability to fly into smaller airports, thus, making it even easier to get close to your destination. A charter jet company can fly into one of the more than 5,000 public use airports in the U.S., thus, making business or personal travel even more convenient. Commercial airlines are limited in their airport choices, but custom jet charters have all the commercial airports and more.
Businesses who own a jet already know about the advantages of private air travel, but still need charter jet companies to manage their craft. Businesses or individuals without a private jet can have the same flight experience if they take advantage of charter jet companies to book their next flight.

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